10 Interesting Jaime Escalante Facts

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If you want to know the man who was famous as a Bolivian educator, you need to read Jaime Escalante facts. Escalante lived from 31st December 1930 to 30th March 2010. He gained his fame when he was a teacher at Garfield High School, California from 1974 to 1991.

Jaime Escalante Facts 1: fame

The fame of Escalante is unbeatable since he was the subject of the movie Stand and Deliver in 1988.  His character is portrayed by Edward James Olmos.

Jaime Escalante Facts 2: date of birth

Let’s talk about his date of birth. He was born on 31st December 1930 in La Paz Bolivia. His parents were the teachers who have Aymara blood.

Jaime Escalante facts

Jaime Escalante facts

Jaime Escalante Facts 3: Aymara heritage

As a child, Escalante was very proud with his Aymara ancestry.  He stated that the Aymara people know math before Egyptian and Greek people.

Jaime Escalante Facts 4: became a teacher

He spent 12 years to teach physical and mathematics in his country Bolivia. But then he decided to move to America.

Jaime Escalante In memory

Jaime Escalante In memory

Jaime Escalante Facts 5: immigrating

When he decided to immigrate to USA, he had to survive by doing odd jobs here. Before he returned to teach people, he went to the college to get more degree and study English too.

Jaime Escalante Facts 6: Garfield High School

Garfield High School was the place where he became a teacher in 1974. He wanted to be a teacher when there were 12 students who loved to learn algebra from him.

Jaime Escalante Young

Jaime Escalante Young

Jaime Escalante Facts 7: AP Calculus

the student to study AP Calculus. Then school author felt threatened with his action at that time. He did not allow the students to come to the class if they could not answer the homework question.

Jaime Escalante Facts 8: the fist calculus class

Escalante had his first calculus class in 1978 at Garfield, Los Angeles. He hoped that the calculus class improved the low level of students when they studied math.

Jaime Escalante

Jaime Escalante

Jaime Escalante Facts 9: Jay Mathews

Jay Mathews seems interested with the event of Escalante’s experience in 1982. So he decided to create a book about Escalante. The title is Escalante: The Best Teacher in America. It was released in 1988.

Jaime Escalante Facts10: visits

There are some famous people who are impressed with hard work of Escalante as a teacher. He got visits from the famous Terminator actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the former president Ronald Reagan.

Jaime Escalante Teacher

Jaime Escalante Teacher

His experience regarding the event in 1982 was filmed too. At the age of 79 years old, he passed away on 30th March 2010. Do you have any opinion on facts about Jaime Escalante?

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