10 Interesting Food Facts

Saturday, October 12th 2013. | Food

You will know much information about nutrition if you read the whole food facts in the post below. You need to be careful when you choose the daily food to eat with family at home. Choose the healthy food if you want to live longer. Today people are involved in busy days. They tend to consume the fast and instant food.  If you want to stay healthy all of the time, choose the natural food. Here are some interesting food facts for us:

Food Facts 1: Mac Donald

One of the most popular food chains is Mac Donald. People love to visit this restaurant to enjoy many instant foods such as beef burger, ice cream, and hot dog. These food chains have more than 1.5 million workers spreading all over the world.

Food Facts 2: Local Cuisine

There are various types of food in the world. The local food is determined by the economic, religious, social, and safety factors.

Food Fact

Food Fact

Food Facts 3: Various Foods

There are various types of food in the world. The people always associate tortilla with Mexico. The raw fish always links people with Japanese food.  Cheese is very famous in France. In England people like to eat the roast meat and vegetables.

Food Facts 4: Popular Vegetables

There are various types of vegetables used by the people to cook food. Some popular vegetables used all over the world include broccoli, spinach, lettuce, carrot, tomatoes, cauliflowers, onions and potatoes.

Food Facts

Food Facts

Food Facts 5: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is delicious if you can cook it well. Many people think that it has a close relation with potato. Actually is not true because sweet potato is included as a vegetable.

Food Facts 6: Pumpkin

Many people think that pumpkin is a vegetable. Actually it is a fruit because it contains seeds.

Food For Kids

Food For Kids

Food Facts 7: Types of Plants

All over the world there are more than 2000 plants cultivated by human being as food.

Food Facts 8: Garlic

The leading producer of garlic in the world is China. It can cover 75 percent of garlic production all over the world. In 2008, China produced 10 million tons of garlic.

Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid

Food Facts 9: Fruits

There are many types of fruits that people can get when they visit supermarket. The most popular ones include strawberries, pears, oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, apricots and peaches.

Food Facts 10: Banana

Do you know the leading producer of banana in the world? The record is taking by India. In 2007 the country generated 22 million bananas.



The prehistoric people in the past had to gather food by using different kinds of methods. They went gardening, hunting, farming, finishing and foraging. The common animals eaten by human being include pigs, sheep, chickens, and cows. Are you interested to know more on facts about food?

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