10 Interesting Mercury Facts

Monday, July 21st 2014. | Science

Mercury Facts provide the detail information about one element the periodic table. It has the symbol Hg. The atomic weight is 200.90 and the atomic number in the periodic table is 80. If you want to find out more information about this transition metal, check the following post below:

Mercury Facts 1: features

The melting point of mercury is -37.89°F, while the boiling point is at 674.1°F.  It has the density 13.534 grams per cm cubed. If you have mercury at the room temperature, it comes in liquid form.

Mercury Facts 2: atoms

Let’s talk about the atoms of Mercury. It has 122 neutrons, 80 protons and 80 electrons. If you want to check this transition mental on the period table, you can find it in the twelfth columns in the third element. Furthermore, mercury is considered as the most abundant isotope.

mercury  element

mercury element

Mercury Facts 3: color and characteristics of mercury

If you observe mercury in the standard room condition, it comes in silvery liquid with shining and heavy look. Mercury is called as the only mental which has liquid form at a room temperature.  You need to be careful with the evaporation of mercury in the room temperature if you place in an open container.

Mercury Facts 4: poisonous metal

The exposure of mercury on human being is very dangerous. People can absorb poisonous mercury through eating food or inhaling air.  If you have too much mercury in the body, you can be dead.

mercury  facts

mercury facts

Mercury Facts 5: amalgam

Amalgam is a new substance created by mercury when it has contact with other metals.  On the other hand, Iron is used for mercury storage. Find out iron facts here.

Mercury Facts 6: earth crust

It is not easy to find mercury on the earth crust because it is considered as a rare metal.  But people can find out in ores like livingstonite, and corderoite and cinnabar.

mercury fluid

mercury fluid

Mercury Facts 7: the largest producer of Mercury

Today, China and Kyrgyzstan are considered as the largest producers of mercury. In the past, the title was taken by Italy and Spain.

Mercury Facts 8: application

There are many applications of mercury. It can be used to make mercury vapor lamps and fluorescent lamps.

mercury image

mercury image

Mercury Facts 9: the ancient time discovery

We do not know the person who discovers mercury because it has been known since the ancient time. Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of China who believed that consuming mercury made him lived forever. Since mercury is toxic, it eventually killed him.

Mercury Facts 10: prima material

Prima material was a term used to call mercury for many years. People believed that they can create any kinds of metal by using mercury even though it is not true.



Mercury element gets its name from Planet mercury. The symbol Hg is derived from hydragyrum.  It means liquid silver. Are you interested reading facts about mercury?

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