10 Interesting Emily Bronte Facts

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Let me show you some Emily Bronte facts. Emily Bronte is famous as a poet and a novelist. Wuthering Heights is her novel included as part of English Literature. People always remember her because of this novel. Find out more facts about her in the following post below:

Emily Bronte Facts 1: sisters

Emily was the third child in the six in Bronte’s family.  The youngest sister was Anne. Her brother was Branwell. When she wrote a novel or a poetry, she used as the pen name of Ellis Bell.

Emily Bronte Facts 2: The three Bronte sisters

Emily’s brother named Patrick Branwell depicted her system in painting of the three Bronte sisters. It was made in 1834. In the painting, you can see Anne, Emily and Charlotte from left to right.

Emily Bronte face

Emily Bronte face

Emily Bronte Facts 3: date of birth

Emily Bronte was born on July 30th 1818 in Thornton, in Northern England. Her parents were Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell. Her oldest sisters named Maria and Elizabeth died when both were in childhood.

Emily Bronte Facts 4: literary talents

The literary talents were gifted from the father. The family moved 8 mile to Haworth. In the area, Patrick worked as a perpetual curate.

Emily Bronte facts

Emily Bronte facts

Emily Bronte Facts 5: education

Even though Emily did not get any formal education, she had accent to the numerous published materials. She could read the magazine, novel or work of Shelley, Byron, Sir Walter Scott and Blackwood’s magazine.

Emily Bronte Facts 6: teacher

In September 1838, Emily worked as a teacher at Law Hill School located in Halifax. She had to works 17 hours in a day. It made her stressful and sick. In April 1839, she quit from the job and stayed at home.

Emily Bronte Pic

Emily Bronte Pic

Emily Bronte Facts 7: poems

In 1844, she began to write many poems and make them more organized by reporting the poem in two notebooks. The famous one was called as Gondal Poems.

Emily Bronte Facts 8: publication

The sister’s poem was published in 1846. They did not use the real name since this poem was published as Poem by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell.

Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte Facts 9: characters

Emily Bronte was always famous with her mysterious character. The detail information about her is very limited because she was very solitary and liked to live alone.

Emily Bronte Facts 10: Wuthering Heights

In 1847, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte was published in London.  She used her pseudonym name of Ellis. She began to use her real name in 1850.

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

When she was 30 years old, Emily Bronte died because of her several health conditions. Do you have any question on facts about Emily Bronte?

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