10 Interesting David Livingstone Facts

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David Livingstone facts give you information about a medical missionary in the world.  This man was an explorer in the black continent, Africa. He was born on March 19th 1813. This Scottish man is still famous until today. Find out more about him based on the post below:

David Livingstone Facts 1: mythic status

Many people in the past through Livingstone had a mystic status. He could many things at once. He is not only an inspirational figure with his stories. He was also an explorer, a scientific investigator, protestant missionary martyr, advocate of commercial empire, and anti slavery crusader.

David Livingstone Facts 2: exploration

He become an explorer after he traveled to Africa and circumnavigated the River Nile. He also brought the Christian missionary initiatives during the expedition.

David Livingstone Explorer

David Livingstone Explorer

David Livingstone Facts 3: early life

Livingstone was born in the mill town of Blantyre. His parents were Neil Livingstone and Agnes Hunter.  He was the second child from the seven children in the family.

David Livingstone Facts 4: the early job

Before he became a missionary and an explorer, just like any other kinds of Livingstone children, he worked in the cotton mill of H. Monteith & Co.

David Livingstone facts

David Livingstone facts

David Livingstone Facts 5: spinning machine

Each day, he and his bother worked tying the broken cotton thread on the spinning machine in 12 hours every day.

David Livingstone Facts 6: education

During 1838 to 1840, he studied at Charring Cross Hospital Medical School. He learned much about the medical practice, botany and midwifery.

David Livingstone Pic

David Livingstone Pic

David Livingstone Facts 7: Neil Livingstone

His father, Neil Livingstone was a very devoted man. Besides being a door to door tea salesman, he also worked as a teetotaler and Sandy school teacher. His father influenced David much since he loved reading many books of missionary, travel and theology.

David Livingstone Facts 8: David Interests

Even though his father was afraid of reading sciences, yet David was interested to study about science. He could read science and religion.

David Livingstone stamp

David Livingstone stamp

David Livingstone Facts 9: Philosophy of a Future State

Thomas Dick was the writer of Philosophy of a Future State. This man was the amateur astronomer, teacher and church minister. He read this book in 1832. This man gave David bright insight that he related the faith and science at once.

David Livingstone Facts 10: David Livingstone memorial

If you go to Zimbabwe, you can see the first statue of Dalvid Livingstone. It is located in Victorian falls. It sits the David Livingstone memorial.

David Livingstone

David Livingstone

David Livingstone is a very influential man in the world. His exploration on Nile River and his missionaries work should be appreciated. Do you have any comment on facts about David Livingstone?

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