10 Interesting George Stephenson Facts

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George Stephenson facts are some trivia about this famous engineer. There are more and more people who have the interest in how to be able to recognize better about this person. The facts below can become your basic to know more about him.

George Stephenson Facts 1: first public railway

He was recognized as the engineer who built the 1st public railway. The railway was used for steam trains. People also noticed him to be the person who devised the safety lamp for any miners. He also had involved in building some bridges.

George Stephenson Facts 2:  born

George Stephenson was born in 1781. It was on Northumberland. He also learned in reading and writing at night school. He also became the expert for steam machinery. It was after fixing certain pumping device in local mine.

George Stephenson Facts

George Stephenson Facts

George Stephenson Facts 3:  first job

Do you know about his first job? It was to keep a herd of cows to stay away from the wagon of horse. Later, he was hired in order to build about 13 km mine railway. It was on 1820.

George Stephenson Facts 4: the safety lamp

He was known as a person who devised a safety lamp. It was for miners. The safety lamp may not burn without exploding. There was a problem about the real inventor of the lamp. There was a man named Davy who also invented the same lamp in the same time. The arguments occurred.

George Stephenson Locomotive

George Stephenson Locomotive

George Stephenson Facts 5: steam train

It was in 1829 when he and his son designed steam train. The name of the train was the Rocket. His son name was Robert. The train can be considered to be very successful.

George Stephenson Facts 6:  celebration of the Rocket

There was celebration of the Rocket. It was in Liverpool and also Manchester Railway. Yet, it turned gloomy because of the death of local MP. It was the 1st railway accident in the world.

George Stephenson Pic

George Stephenson Pic

George Stephenson Facts 7: standard gauge of rail tracks

He also had the credit to the invention of standard gauge of rail tracks. It is still used up to know actually.

George Stephenson Facts 8:  Liverpool and Manchester Railway

Liverpool and Manchester Railway was opened in 1830. It was the 1st railway using timetable for any passengers.

George Stephenson Stamp

George Stephenson Stamp

George Stephenson Facts 9:  first bridge to across railway line

He was also the person who had designed the 1st bride at Rainhill. It was built in 1830.

George Stephenson Facts 10: the death

He died on 12th August 1848. It was on Chesterfield, Derbyshire. He died in the age of 67 because of pleurisy. It was a lung infection.

George Stephenson

George Stephenson

After you read facts about George Stephenson provided above, you may wonder about his role in building railway, steam train, and other significant inventions right?

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