10 Interesting George Lucas Facts

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If you love watching Star Wars, you should never forget one of the most important men behind this series in George Lucas facts. His Star Wars characters gained recognition not only in US but also in many parts of the world. This movie is very inspiring. Find out more about the inspirational George Lucas in the following post below:

George Lucas Facts 1: Raiders of the Lost Ark

The ending of the Raiders of the Lost Ark was recreated by Lucas. This movie was premiered in 1981.  It was ended with the mine car chase. He did it because the scene will be too busy if he used the original ending.

George Lucas Facts 2: Animation Department

Lucas joined Warner Brothers. At that time, the Animation department was closed down. When he moved here, he wanted the animation department successful with most films in the company.

George Lucas Facts

George Lucas Facts

George Lucas Facts 3: James Wheaton

One of the impressive actors who made him flatter was James Wheaton. This actor was only a stage actor. He took him for the voice role in OMM in THX 1138.

George Lucas Facts 4: ‘Indiana’

Talking about his personal life, Lucas had a dog. The name was Indiana. The name actually was not inspired from the Indian Jones character. It was derived from Star wars.

George Lucas Pic

George Lucas Pic

George Lucas Facts 5: Wilhelm Scream

Lucas is a genius man in the industry. He created a trend setter in the sound effect. His movies were always equipped with Wilhelm Scream. This scream has been adapted in many kinds of other movies.

George Lucas Facts 6: US president George Bush

US president George Bush gave Lucas a medal. He got it because of his big contribution to the improvement of technology for his company ILM can create wonderful special effects.

George Lucas Young

George Lucas Young

George Lucas Facts 7: rank

It is such as great achievement to know that his movie, Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope 1977 is placed in the 39th position in the list of the American Film Institute’s 100 Most Inspiring Movies of All Time.

George Lucas Facts 8: Egroeg Sacul

Egroeg Sacul is his backward name. You can find this name is used in the Disney theme park ride Star Tours.

George Lucas

George Lucas

George Lucas Facts 9: 3-D versions

The ILM, the company owned by Lucas decides to have the all Star Wars movies recreated in 3-D versions.

George Lucas Facts 10: 101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment.

Lucas was ranked in the fourth position of 101 Most Powerful People in Entertainment. It was published in Entertainment Weekly’s annual list.

Star Wars creator

Star Wars creator

Before he gained the success with his Star Wars series, his Star Wars script was rejected by many Hollywood studios. What do you think on facts about George Lucas?

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