10 Interesting Dairy Product Facts

Tuesday, December 24th 2013. | Food

One of the main foods that you always eat each day is explained in dairy product facts. Dairy products can make your body healthy all of the time. People can cook the products to make it delicious and tasteful. Some dairy products that you eat include milk, chicken, eggs, butter, and cow meat. Find out the complete dairy product facts in the following post below:

Dairy Product Facts 1: Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur was a French scientist. This man created the process called pasteurization to kill the bacteria in 1856. Thus, many kinds of milk are produced with this process to maintain the flavor and purity.

Dairy Product Facts 2: milk

One of the popular dairy products is milk. You can drink milk to avoid osteoporosis. You can also make the body bigger and higher by drinking more milk. Look at cow facts here.

Dairy Product and Milk

Dairy Product and Milk

Dairy Product Facts 3: calcium

Calcium is very important to maintain the strength of the bones and teeth. The best souces of calcium are cheese, yogurt and milk. You can get 72 percent calcium by consuming dairy food.

Dairy Product Facts 4: nutrient

You are wrong if you think that dairy food only contains calcium. It also provides the body with protein and mineral. Find out chicken facts here to know other dairy products.

Dairy Product facts

Dairy Product facts

Dairy Product Facts 5: food guide pyramid

The children with the age of 9 to 18 years old should have the dairy products in three servings every day based on the food guide pyramid by the federal government. However, most boys and girls do not follow the recommendation.

Dairy Product Facts 6: B-12 deficiency

A study about B-12 deficiency was conducted recently in US. The study stated that 2/5 of the world population in US suffer from B-12 deficiency. The symptoms include loss of balance, confusion, anemia, and nerve damage.

Dairy Product

Dairy Product

Dairy Product Facts 7: US cows

In a day, the cows in US generate 6.5 gallons of milk. With this amount of milk, it can give 33 children with 3 glass of milk everyday.

Dairy Product Facts 8: refrigerator

Milk can be saved inside the refrigerator to stay fresh. You can keep it up to 10 days with the temperature of 35 to 40 F.

Dairy Products

Dairy Products

Dairy Product Facts 9: cheese

Cheese is another popular dairy product. People love to consume this food by mixing it with bread, cake, pizza and fettuccini.

Dairy Product Facts 10: benefits of dairy product

Dairy product can be used as the main ingredients to create ice cream cone, pizza and cake.

Mauel Dairy Products

Mauel Dairy Products

The people who have 25 gallons of milk can create 25 pounds of cheese, 9 gallon of ice cream or 11 pounds of butter. Do you have any other facts about dairy products?

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