10 Interesting Golden Gate Bridge Facts

Thursday, October 10th 2013. | Places

Golden Gate Bridge facts present the detail information about one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. This building is always used as the icon of US and San Francisco.  You can pass the bridge when you want to enter San Francisco Bay from The Pacific Ocean. Look at more facts about the bridge below:

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 1: Strait

As I have stated before Golden Gate Bridge was built across the San Francisco Bay. It has 3 miles long by 1 mil wide. The strait is named as Golden Gate or Chrysopylae.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 2: Building the Bridge

The contractors only needed 4 years to finish Golden Gate Bridge. It started on 5 January 1933. The bridge was opened to public on 28 May 1937.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts

Golden Gate Bridge Facts

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 3: Public Opening

The public opening of this bridge was on 28 May 1937. The vehicles crossed the Golden Gate Bridge easily.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 4: Workers

It is very difficult to find the exact workers hired in the bridge construction because there was no employment figure. There were 10 distinctive prime contractions working on the bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge in Foggy Look

Golden Gate Bridge in Foggy Look

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 5: Safety on the Bridge Constructions

Even though Golden Gate Bridge was built in 1933, the workers used the hard hats for safety and protection.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 6: Deaths

During the construction on Golden Gate Bridge, there were 11 men died. Some of them included Terence Hallinan, Chris Anderson, Louis Russell, and William Bass.

Golden Gate Bridge, SF

Golden Gate Bridge, SF

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 7: Safety Net

Safety net was suspended under the floor of the bridge.  The installation of the safety net had saved at least 19 men when they fell from the site construction.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 8: Cost

The cost to build the bridge was around 1.2 billion dollar in 2003 conversion. The cost of labor and materials were included in the high cost.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge Facts 9: Poem

The bridge had inspired many people to write a poem, poetry and movies. The poem by Joseph B. Strauss is very famous. The Mighty Task is done was made by the chief engineer to mark the completion of Golden Gate Bridge construction on May 1937.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts10: Rivets

At least 600,000 rivets were used in each tower of the Golden gate bridge.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate

The most interesting part that people can see from Golden Gate Bridge lies on the orange color. It looks different from any other bridges in the world which usually are painted in gray or black. The orange vermillion color is also called as International orange. The architect picks this color because it can blend well with the natural setting of San Francisco. Do you have any opinion on facts about Golden Gate Bridge?

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