10 Interesting Corrie Ten Boom Facts

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Find out an inspiring story in Corrie Ten Boom Facts. Corrie Ten Boom was born in Amsterdam on April 15th 1892. This woman was famous after helping many Jews to hide from the Holocaust during the World War 2.   This Dutch Christian woman was in jail because of this action. You can find out her experience in detail by reading her book The Hiding Place. Find out the facts about her in post below:

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 1: early life

Corrie was the youngest children in his family. She was raised by her family in Haarlem, Amsterdam. Her parents were Casper and Cornelia.

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 2: family

She had two sisters. Their names were Nollie and Betsie. Nollie passed away in 1953, while Bestie died in the Ravenbruck death camp in 1944.

Betsie Ten Boom

Betsie Ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 3: Corrie’s father

His father was a watchmaker.  His father was her inspiration when choosing a career path. In 1924, she was considered as the first woman who got the first license of as a female watch maker in the country.

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 4: marriage

Bestie and Corrie never married. They dedicated their life to other people. Both spent the entire life in Haarlem until both were arrested for helping Jews. Find another inspiration in Dalai Lama facts.

Corrie Ten Boom facts

Corrie Ten Boom facts

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 5: charitable work

When Corrie was alive, she had done many charitable works. She helped foster children in her house. She also aided the people with mental disabilities by running a church.

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 6: invasion

In 1940s, the invasion of Nazi went to Netherlands. Ten boom’s club was banned by the Nazi due to the restriction occurred in the country. Another woman to have a relation with Nazi office is seen in Coco Chanel facts.

Corrie Ten Boom Hiding Place

Corrie Ten Boom Hiding Place

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 7: hiding Jews people

It was in May 1942 that a Jewish woman came to her door. She stated to Boom that she needed a place to hide after her husband was arrested by the Nazis.

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 8: the Weils

Many Jewish neighbors came to ten Boom’s house because this family helped others to hide. Another Jewish neighbor who wanted to stay with Boom was the wails.

Corrie Ten Boom Young

Corrie Ten Boom Young

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 9: Dutch underground hiding refugees

Dutch underground hiding refugees were actively conducted by Boom’s family. Even though they were Christians, they respected the Jewish religions by giving them the kosher food. They allowed the Jewish people celebrated their Sabbath.

Corrie Ten Boom Facts 10: food

Since they were many people hiding in her place, the food was scarce. Thus, they needed to get the food from the coupon owned by the non Jewish people.

Hiding Place

Hiding Place

The Boom family was arrested on 28th February 1944 at 12:30 pm after an informant told Nazis about what the family had done. Her sister Besie died in the camp in Germany. But Boom was released on 28th December 1944. Are you inspired with facts about Corrie ten Boom?

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