10 Interesting John Wilkes Booth Facts

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John Wilkes Booth facts are interesting to view if you want to know the American stage actor who was responsible for the death of US president, Abraham Lincoln. Let’s me remind you about the death of Lincoln. He was killed at Ford’s Theater by John Wilkes Booth on 14 April 1865 in Washington DC. If you are curious about the personal life and point of view of John Wilkes Booth, read the post below:

John Wilkes Booth Facts 1: Booth theatrical family

Booth theatrical family was a prominent family during the 19th century. Booth was one of the members in the group. The family was originated from Maryland. He became a well known actor in 1860s.

John Wilkes Booth Facts 2: a Confederate sympathizer

Jon Wilkes Booth calls himself as the Confederate sympathizer. He did not like with the intention of President Abraham Lincoln when he wanted to abolish the slavery in United States.

John Wilkes Booth Facts

John Wilkes Booth Facts

John Wilkes Booth Facts 3: plan

The first plan for Booth and the co-conspirators was to kidnap the president. However, they changed the plan to develop the plot to assassin him. To help of the Confederacy’s cause, the Secretary state William H Seward and vice President Andrew Johnson proposed a bid.

John Wilkes Booth Facts 4: American Civil War

The American civil war affected the point of view of John Wilkes Booth. This man believed that the war was not over even though the Robert E Lee who came from Northern Virginia surrendered. Booth believed that the fight for the Union Army was in progress for the Confederate General Joseph E Johnston still fought for it.

John Wilkes Booth Killer

John Wilkes Booth Killer

John Wilkes Booth Facts 5: successful

In his group of conspirators, the only one executed the part of the plot successfully was only John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln was killed when Booth shot him on the head. Find out about Abraham Lincoln facts here.

John Wilkes Booth Facts 6: the vice president

The vice president was wounded. Actually, Booth was never attacked him during the incident.

John Wilkes Booth Pic

John Wilkes Booth Pic

John Wilkes Booth Facts 7: escape

After he killed the president of US, Booth escaped by using his horse to southern Maryland. He was tracked down by the official 12 days after the assassination living in a rural area in Northern Virginia.

John Wilkes Booth Facts 8: Booth’s death

Booth died after he refused to surrender to the Union army. His companion in the barn decided to give up. The trial decided that four of 8 men were hanged.

John Wilkes Booth Reward

John Wilkes Booth Reward

John Wilkes Booth Facts 9: parents

Let’s talk about the parents of John Wilkes Booth. His father was Junius Brutus Booth. He was one of the notable British Shakespearean actors. His mother was Junius’s mistress named Mary Ann Holmes. In June 1821, both came to US.

John Wilkes Booth Facts10: birth of John

His mother gave birth to him in a four room long house on 10th May 1838. He was the ninth child for the ten children in the family.



Talking about his childhood, John Wilkes Booth was a skilled man in fencing and horsemanship. He was popular and athletic too. Do you have any opinion on facts about John Wilkes Booth?

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