10 Interesting Aldous Huxley Facts

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Aldous Huxley facts will be your basic knowledge if you want to really recognize about this writer. There is much information which you don’t really know about him. The facts below will be your best quality in how to recognize further about this person.

Aldous Huxley Facts 1: who is he?

Aldous Huxley was widely recognized for his novels. The most famous novel of him is the fifth entitled Brave New World. He was born on July 26, 1894. He was born in Godalming in the Surrey county within southern England.

Aldous Huxley Facts 2: family

He was the son of writer and schoolteacher which are Leonard Huxley and Julia Arnold. He had a famous grandfather who was a scientist. His grandfather was often called as Darwin’s Bulldog by many people. You need to know about this fact.

Aldous Huxley face

Aldous Huxley face

Aldous Huxley Facts 3: writer

He was widely recognized whether as novelist and also essayist. He also often wrote some poetry, short stories, and also film scripts. He always includes the critical observation for the customs, social norms, and any related term.

Aldous Huxley Facts 4: blindness

He had suffered from blindness when he was at the age of 14. This disease had led him into blindness actually. He had involved into literature based on this reason. Although he had poor vision, he never gave up actually.

Aldous Huxley facts

Aldous Huxley facts

Aldous Huxley Facts 5: education

He continued his education at Balliol College. It is because he was not supported by his father, he needed to earn living by himself. He also applied his talents in literary and got a famous friend named D.H Lawrence at Oxford.

Aldous Huxley Facts 6: writing

He had his first novel when he was in the age of seventeen. He also always include critic in his work. Later, he met with many surrealists in Paris. He also concerned with important changes occurring within Western civilization.

Aldous Huxley Image

Aldous Huxley Image

Aldous Huxley Facts 7: Adolf Hitler

He was so much popular as a writer in the reign of Adolf Hitler. His writings really are inspired by the condition of the society at the time. You can learn more from his novel actually.

Aldous Huxley Facts 8:  Brave New World

You really need to know about his famous novel entitled Brave New World. It was also about the slavery system within the era. The title of the novel was obtained from the novel by Shakespeare which is The Tempest.

Aldous Huxley Pic

Aldous Huxley Pic

Aldous Huxley Facts 9: other work

He also wrote a book of essays have the title Ends and Means. It was so much beneficial for any of you indeed to make sure.

Aldous Huxley Facts 10: visionary thinker

He also was recognized by many people visionary thinker. Aldous Huxley died in the age of 69. It was in Los Angeles in the date of November 22, 1963.

Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley

More people have gained review facts about Aldous Huxley for the aspect of great quality of inspiration in writing. In this case, you need to learn further always about more facts related to him.

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