10 Interesting Deborah Ellis Facts

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Read the whole Deborah Ellis facts if you want to know about one of greatest Canadian authors in the world. This woman is famous with her novels. Most of them are created based on her travelling experience. Find out more about her in the following post below:

Deborah Ellis Facts 1: writing activity

Ellis started her writing activity when she was only 11 years old. She was born in Cochrane Ontario, Canada. Because of her parents’ work, she had to move several times in many places.

Deborah Ellis Facts 2: book theme

Most of her books were affected by her journey since she likes travelling and talking with other people. She likes to write the things that she just have learned and found in a new place.

Deborah Ellis Book

Deborah Ellis Book

Deborah Ellis Facts 3: her first book

Do you know the title of the first book by Deborah Ellis? It is the Breadwinner.

Deborah Ellis Facts 4: jobs

Besides being a writer, Deborah Elsa is also an anti war activist. In 1997, she went of Afghanistan to assist the refugee camps. When she worked in the refugee camps, she wrote four parts of series which made people amazed with her skill. The first novel is entitled the Breadwinner. It is a story about a girl named Parvana.

Deborah Ellis facts

Deborah Ellis facts

Deborah Ellis Facts 5: the sequel of Breadwinner

Then she made a sequel of the breadwinner story. It is entitled Parvana’s journey. Another novel that she has published was Mud City.  It was a story about Parvana’s best friend named Shauzia. The last book about Afghanistan is Women of Afghan War. It is an adult book.

Deborah Ellis Facts 6: inspiration

When she worked in a refugee camp, she made an interview with an Afghan mother. She got the inspiration to write The Breadwinner from this interview. This interview gave her the inspiration to write a story about the survival of the children in Afghanistan.

Deborah Ellis Now

Deborah Ellis Now

Deborah Ellis Facts 7: Looking for X

In 1999, she published a novel for young adult. It is entitled Looking for X.  Ellis is very proud because it makes her receive Governor General’s Literary Award. The novel talks about a young girl who lives in a poor area in Toronto, Canada.

Deborah Ellis Facts 8: Canada attack

Ellis also makes collaboration with Eric Walters when both want to make a book about the plotted terrorist Attack in Canada. This book actually also talks about racism in the country. The title of the book is Bifocal.

Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis

Deborah Ellis Facts 9: The Heaven Shop

Another novel that gains her a critical acclaim is The Heaven Shop. This book is about a family of orphans living in Malawi. As a result of the HIV impact, all of them have to move.

Deborah Ellis Facts 10: Lenin and Other Stories

If you like to read the study of the children by Ellis who have been affected by drugs, you need to see Lenin and Other Stories. They were published in 2008.

mud city

mud city

There are many kinds of awards that she has received. Some of them include the Children’s Africana Book Award Honor Book for Older Readers, Jane Addams Children’s Book Award, an ALA Notable and Vicky Metcalf Award for a body of work. Do you have any objection on facts about Deborah Ellis?

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