10 Interesting Congo Facts

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Congo facts are basic to learn for any people. It is because many countries have their own uniqueness. In this case, Congo becomes your basic consideration actually. So, what are the facts about Congo? I want to provide you several facts here.

Congo Facts 1: geography

You should learn first about the geography. Congo is located in west part and middle of Africa continent. The borders are Cameroon, Gabon, and others. The size is approximately 3 times of Pennsylvania. Mostly of the inland is the tropical rain forest.

Congo Facts 2: Congo River

It is true Congo has huge amount of rain forest. The water is drained by Congo River. The River becomes one of most important part of the country. Many visitors often consider the river to be the representation of the country.

Congo facts

Congo facts

Congo Facts 3: the government

The government of such country is dictatorship. There is a president and also a prime minister within the country. This country is so much popular because of the good republic government. You can inspect from the history of the country actually.

Congo Facts 4: the total area

In learning about this country, you can review about the area or size of the country. You can inspect about land area which is 131,853 sq mi. It is the same as 341,499 sq km. The total area of Congo is 132,047 sq mi or the same as 342,000 sq km.

Congo Land

Congo Land

Congo Facts 5: population

Congo has population estimation of 4,366,266. The growth rate is 2.85%. It has birth rate of 40.09/1000. Life expectancy in this country is 55.7. The density of people per sq km is 11. The number can change based on different condition actually.

Congo Facts 6: languages

If it is about language, French becomes the official language. There are other local languages as well as dialects such as Monokutuba, Lingala, Kikongo, and others.

Congo Movie

Congo Movie

Congo Facts 7: race

There are different ethnicity and races in Congo. The country is made up of 48% Congo, 20% of Sangha, 12% of M’Bochi, 17% of Teke, and 3% of Europeans.

Congo Facts 8:  communication and telephones

Congo has 42,000 main lines of telephones, 3,799,000 of mobile cellular, some radio broadcast stations, and one television broadcast station, 43 of internet hosts, and the users of internet about 245,000.



Congo Facts 9: transportation

Congo has whether highways, railways, ports/harbors, and also Airports. It means you may never suffer from problem in the aspect of transportation.

Congo Facts 10: religion

Congo has three major religions. They are Christian, Islam, and also animist.

People in Congo

People in Congo

If you wonder more facts about Congo, you can gather better info out there. What you need to do is to read carefully.

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