10 Interesting Carbon Facts

Wednesday, November 27th 2013. | Science

Carbon facts for some people perhaps may become useless to know. Yet, it is wrong because by understanding about the facts, you may recognize that you may gain better information in how to notice better information about carbon.

Carbon Facts 1: organic chemistry

You need to understand that carbon indeed becomes the basis of any organic chemistry. Do you already know about it? It means that carbon may occur in any living organism. Just review more if you don’t know about it.

Carbon Facts 2: bonding

If you are learning about carbon facts, next thing to know actually is in how such carbon can provide the activity such as to bond with itself and any different chemical elements. You may notice that it may form about 10 millions of compound.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon

Carbon Facts 3: diamond and graphite

The unique about carbon is the fact that it can take the form both of the hardest substance such as diamond as well as the softest such as graphite.

Carbon Facts 4: part of star

You need to understand as well about the fact that carbon is made as well as the interior part of the star. Yet, you may recognize that carbon is not made as the part of big bang. This information for some people perhaps becomes so much important.



Carbon Facts 5: limitless uses

You may recognize that carbon has unlimited uses indeed. For example, carbon compound in graphite may be used for pencils. If it is in the lubricant, it can be used as the protection against rust.

Carbon Facts 6: highest melting

You may recognize that carbon has the highest melting point compared to other elements. While you may recognize that melting point of diamond is around 3500º, carbon has melting point of 3800º.

calcium fact

calcium fact

Carbon Facts 7: pure carbon

Perhaps some of you may ask whether there is any free pure carbon in nature. The fact it indeed exists. Even in prehistoric time, the existence is indeed true.

Carbon Facts 8:  the name

Do you wonder about the origin name of carbon? The fact is that carbon name has the origin of word such as carbo. It is the Latin word indeed. So, you need to learn better about it to gain better understanding.

Carbon facts

Carbon facts

Carbon Facts 9: non toxic

People need to know that pure carbon is non toxic. Yet, the soot or fine particles of carbon indeed can damage the lung tissue.

Carbon Facts 10: abundant element

You perhaps have already recognized about some abundant elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, and helium right? You should know that carbon is one of them.

Carbon material

Carbon material

You can take benefit from facts about carbon to help you conduct review about in how to learn and study better about carbon in chemistry I think.

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