10 Interesting Ukraine Facts

Thursday, October 31st 2013. | Countries

If you like to study about the oldest recognized constitution in the world, you have to read Ukraine facts. Pylyp Orlyk was the creator of the constitution. This Ukrainian statesman formed the constitution after he was elected as Hetman of Zaporizhia troops in April 1710. This constitution inspired other countries to make their own. The constitution of US was created 77 years later. Here are some interesting facts about Ukraine:

Ukraine Facts 1: Linguistic Competition

The linguistic competition was held in Paris in 1934. The result is satisfying because Ukrainian language is included as one of the three more beautiful languages in the world. The other two beautiful languages include Persian and French.

Ukraine Facts 2:Silver Coins

The silver coin found in Ukraine is one of the heaviest coins in the world. The weight of the coin is around 1 kilogram. It was firstly produced in 2006. The name of the silver coin is “10 years of hryvnia revival”.



Ukraine Facts 3:Depth Of Subway Station

The deepest subway station in Ukraine is Arsenal’na subway station. It has the depth around 105 kilometers. The location of the station is in the city of Kiev.

Ukraine Facts 4: Ukrainian Breads

The main food that the Ukrainian people eat each day is the Ukrainian breads. They will serve the bread with mayonnaise.

Ukraine Facts

Ukraine Facts

Ukraine Facts 5: Mikhail Bulgakov

Mikhail Bulgakov is one of the greatest novelists from Russia. The man thinks that the most beautiful city in the world is Kyiv. It is the capital of Ukraine.

Ukraine Facts 6:School Uniform

The school uniform of Ukrainian student is unique. The female student wears the cotton knee length black dress. It was a white apron like layer. Then the dress is decorated with a waistband tie. When you see the uniform, you will remember the costume of a French maid that you can see in various traditional parties.

ukraine kiev

ukraine kiev

Ukraine Facts 7: Rahiv

Rahiv is the smallest city in Ukraine. Even though the dimension is small, Rahiv is considered as the geographic center of Europe.

Ukraine Facts 8: Christians

There are many Christians living in Ukraine. The Christian people living in Ukraine consider playing card as a prohibited.

Ukraine Map

Ukraine Map

Ukraine Facts 9: Kyiv Museum of Miniatures

When you visit Ukraine, You need to go to Kyiv Museum of Miniatures. You can see various miniature of object in the world.

Ukraine Facts 10: Golden Shoes

The most well known collection in Kyiv Museum of Miniatures is the golden shoes worn by the life sized flea. Mykola Syadrysty is the creator of the gold flea.

St.Michaels Golden Domed Cathedral

St.Michaels Golden Domed Cathedral

There are various places that you can visit when you are in Ukraine. You will love to stay here and enjoy the view and landscape. You can find out more facts about Ukraine.

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