10 Interesting Homeless Facts

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Homeless facts give you the sad information about the homeless people in the world. If you live with your parents and you have a home, you are lucky. You need to be thankful. There are many people out there in third world countries that have to live without any home. Here are the specific facts about homeless people.

Homeless Facts 1: Nebraska

Each night, there are more than 20,000 people do not have any home in Nebraska. In Omaha it is around 2000 people.

Homeless Facts 2: Homeless Single Adults

Home people have to suffer to survive. The addiction and abusive manner from others are faced by more than 30 percent of single adults. Probably some of them are immigrants. Let’s see the facts about immigrants to get more info.

Homeless  Old Man

Homeless Old Man

Homeless Facts 3: Family Homelessness

Based on the data from US conference of Mayor Report in 2012, the increase of the family homelessness is about 9 percent. The homeless family usually has children. There are various causes that make a family homeless. Some of them include low paying jobs, poverty, lack of affordable housing, and domestic violence. They eat low quality of food. Look at the nutrition facts to find out the calory that you need each day.

Homeless Facts 4: Foreclosure Crisis

It is estimated that in the next two years more than 2 million children will be trapped in the foreclosure crisis.

Homeless Facts

Homeless Facts

Homeless Facts 5: Employments

Poverty can be one of the main causes why people do not have any home.  It is estimated that 25 percent of home people have a job, while the 75 percent do not have any job to do.

Homeless Facts 6: Age of Homeless Person

The homeless people living on the street come in average age of 9 years old. They are young enough to face the hard time.

Homeless Family

Homeless Family

Homeless Facts 7: Poverty

The people who do not have any employment will end up in poverty. They cannot have any home to live. They think more on the food rather living under a shelter. More than 1.35 million of children and 3.5 million of adults are homeless.

Homeless Facts 8: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is faced more than 50 percent of the homeless children and women. The women have to stop for the violence. Thus, they live without any shelter with kids.

Homeless Man

Homeless Man

Homeless Facts 9: Cost of Rent

The workers who live in a big city cannot rent a good apartment for it is costly. The two bedroom apartment rental cost will increase 41 percent.

Homeless Facts 10: Veterans

More than 40 percent of the homeless men work as army. The general population is 34 percent. There are 217,000 veteran in US are homeless.
Poverty, lack of payments, pricey apartment and domestic violence make people homeless. They have to sleep without a good utility.



Homelessness definitely brings a bad impact not only on the physiology of women and men but also children. They have to live in bad environment. You can help them by donating your money on the homeless foundation. Do you have any comment on the facts about homelessness?

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