10 Interesting Vampire Facts

Monday, August 5th 2013. | History

Vampire facts are interesting to learn. This is one of the important parts in European cultures. Many films have been made related to the life of vampire. Even though the truth of vampire is still questionable, we can learn more about what people believe about vampire through the spreading movies around the world. Here is some beneficial information about vampire:

Vampire Facts 1: Word of Vampire

Many people have their own options when it comes about the origin of vampire word. Some people say that it is derived from the Turkish word of upyr, upper or upior. It means witch. Others state that it comes from the Hungarian word of vampire.  Some people call it from Greek which means to drink.

Vampire Facts 2: Group of Vampires

The group of vampires is called in various words such as a clan, brood, coven, clutch, or a pack.

Vampire Facts

Vampire Facts

Vampire Facts 3: Count Dracula

One of the most well-known names of vampires is Count Dracula. It has been quoted in many kinds of books and movies. See vampire bat facts to know the blood sucker animal.

Vampire Facts 4: Stone Tables

People have different belief about vampires. To keep them from rising and suck the blood of human, people use Celtic for stone table. It will be installed on the graves with dolmens.

Vampire Sucks Blood

Vampire Sucks Blood

Vampire Facts 5: Porphyria

There is a disease called as porphyria. Many people call is as a disease of Dracula or vampire.  The symptoms are just like a Dracula. The patients will face hairiness and sensitivity to sunlight. In some cases the patients can get mad and have reddish brown teeth.

Vampire Facts 6: Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory is called as a true vampire. The blood of young virgins is estimated to bath her. She did it because she wanted to preserve the beauty by sucking the blood of young virgins.



Vampire Facts 7: Vlad of Walachia

Vlad of Walachia is another important figure of vampire. He lived between 1431 and 1476. He had a bad habit killing the people by skinning them alive and eating the victim.

Vampire Facts 8: Chinese vampires

Vampire myth is not only seen in Europe but also in Asia, such as China. A Chinese vampire is called as corpse hopper or ch’iang shih. It was characterized with high sexual drive with crooked claws and red eyes.

Vampire's Teeth

Vampire’s Teeth

Vampire Facts 9: Control of the Animal World

It is stated that a vampire had a big control in the animal kingdom. The mythology stated that it can turn its form into an owl, bat, moth, rat, wolf and a fox.

Vampire Facts 10: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The most notorious book about vampires is Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It was written in 1897. Many experts stated that the book had been influenced much by Victorian era. Look at bat facts to know the animal linked with vampire.

Woman Vampire

Woman Vampire

In this present day, there are myriads of vampire movies made around the world. The famous one today is Twilight.  It was adapted from a novel written by Stephanie Meyers. Do you have any more information on facts about Dracula?

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