10 Interesting Chickenpox Facts

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013. | Diseases

Chickenpox facts provide you with detail information about an infection caused by a virus named varicella-zoster. This disease is common to see on children. However, a mature person can be infected with disease too. If adults get infected, they will be very sick. Find out more facts about chickenpox in the following post:

Chickenpox Facts 1: immune system problems

Those who have immune system problems should be careful when being infected by chickenpox. The people with leukemia will be very sick for the immune system is low.

Chickenpox Facts 2: symptoms of chickenpox

To find out whether you are infected by chickenpox or not, you need to know the symptoms. In the beginning, the patients will experience fever. The most notable symptom is the itchy rash in red spots. The spots are spreading around the body as many as 500 spots.

Chickenpox immunization

Chickenpox immunization

Chickenpox Facts 3: spreading of the disease

The disease is very easy to spread. Before the rash appears, it can infect other people. That’s why chickenpox is considered as one of the most contagious diseases.

Chickenpox Facts 4: direct contact

The contamination of chickenpox can occur with the direct contact with the virus. It can spread from patient to other people.

Chickenpox blister

Chickenpox blister

Chickenpox Facts 5: types of contamination

It is better for you to stay away from the chickenpox patient if you do not want to get infected with the disease.  Don’t touch the saliva or blister on the red spot of the chickenpox patients. The virus can be transferred from your mouth or nose.

Chickenpox Facts 6: sneezing

When chickenpox patients sneeze or cough. They can transfer the virus to your body through the air. If you breathe, the virus will come on your body.

Chickenpox facts

Chickenpox facts

Chickenpox Facts 7:  A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman should be careful with the infection of chickenpox. The virus can infect the baby before it was delivered.

Chickenpox Facts 8: indirect contact

The best way to avoid any infection of chickenpox is by having an indirect contact with the patients. It is okay for you to have a separate room with the patient of chickenpox.

Chickenpox in baby

Chickenpox in baby

Chickenpox Facts 9: vaccine

You can prevent the infection of chickenpox by having your kids vaccinated. The chickenpox vaccine is recommended for the healthy children in the age for 12 months and older.

Chickenpox Facts 10: lifelong immunity

You will have lifelong immunity if you have gotten chickenpox. It means that you will never get infected again by the disease.

Chickenpox vaccination

Chickenpox vaccination

The best way to avoid chickenpox is getting your children vaccinated. Are you satisfied with all explanations on facts about chickenpox?

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