10 Interesting Frank Sinatra Facts

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Frank Sinatra facts are important for people who want to recognize better about this country. There are many things which are related to France. I want to discuss about the facts here. Learning the facts can help you understand better about the country.

Frank Sinatra Facts 1: traumatic birth

Frank Sinatra was born in December 12, 1915; It was in a Hoboken, New Jersey. When he was born, he wasn’t breathing even after his mother yanked him with forceps. He was considered death in the time. Yet, later the grandma putted him under cold water. He cried after it.

Frank Sinatra Facts 2: scar face

The forceps given by the mother has left him a scar. He as teenager was called scar face by his friends. He became so much uncomfortable with his appearance. Therefore, he was recognized as a person who loved to apply make up in hiding the scars.

Frank Sinatra Facts

Frank Sinatra Facts

Frank Sinatra Facts 3: bad boy image

He has the bad boy image starting with his infamous mug shot in 1938. Frank also had been arrested twice for both the adultery and also seduction.

France Facts 4: teen idols

He was often called as Frankie as well. In the year around 1940s, he became America’s first teen idols. It wasn’t only because of his beautiful voice but also in how to excite throngs of female.

Frank Sinatra Look

Frank Sinatra Look

Frank Sinatra Facts 5: film “the House I Live In”

He once made a film in 1945 entitled The House I Live In. It told about the movement of anti-Semitism and intolerance of race. Yet, many people considered him as sympathizer of communism later.

Frank Sinatra Facts 6: FBI files

The file of FBI started to be submitted especially by J. Edgar Hoover. It is because there are people who wrote about how United States may develop new Hitler. That’ why, Sinatra had been investigated by the FBI many times.

Frank Sinatra Pic

Frank Sinatra Pic

Frank Sinatra Facts 7: first debut

He launched his first debut in 1946. It was called The Voice of Frank Sinatra. He had 8 songs within his first debut. Any of the songs have the theme of lost love.

Frank Sinatra Facts 8:  attempting to suicide

He lost his shine in the early 1950s. He even attempted suicide. The worst trigger is the mobs of girls whom he saw in Times Square waiting for Eddie Fisher’s concert. When he went back to the apartment, he putted on his head on the stove.

Frank Sinatra Style

Frank Sinatra Style

Frank Sinatra Facts 9: signature drink

He had his own signature drink. He used to put on the insulated cocktail napkin with to drink and even cup it with hand.

Frank Sinatra Facts 10: New York New York

He had famous hit such as New York, New York. Mostly people around the world recognized this hit I believe.

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra

Gaining facts about Frank Sinatra will be your basic information in how to know this person better. His life is not as simple as you think right?

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