10 Interesting Hannibal Facts

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Hannibal facts become many people’s concern nowadays. This had been so much popular for any people who had already recognized in how to get understand better about this man. The facts below can help you indeed. So, just read below to gain better recognition.

Hannibal Facts 1: merciful general

He was actually the Carthaginian general. For the Rome, he was formidable and implacable enemy. Although the information related to him based on the enemies, he was recognized as the merciful general. He had great tactics actually. He also was considered to be genius.

Hannibal Facts 2: the father

He had father named Hamilcar Barca. The father was the defender of Sicily. It was because his father that he hated Rome the most. Perhaps the blood had provoked him to deal with Rome in furious way as the father did.

Hannibal Film

Hannibal Film

Hannibal Facts 3: Italy invasion

Although he had small troops at the time, he set out in order to invade Italy. It was on the overland route. He fought his way over Pyrenees and had reached the Rhone River before the Romans could block his path.

Hannibal Facts 4: Gallic tribes

He had succeeded in the way to recruit Gallic tribes. The Roman force tried to stop him on the Trebbia actually. It was in the spring when he crossed the Apennines and had marched toward the Rome.

Hannibal Images

Hannibal Images

Hannibal Facts 5: death of brother

His brothers named Hasdrubal died on the Metaurus River. This had affected badly to his position when he was near to Rome. He later was defeated at Zama.

Hannibal Facts 6: chief magistrate

He once became the chief magistrate after the conclusion of peace. It was for Carthage. He conducted reformation for the government and conducted reorganized the revenues in order to pay the heavy tribute imposing by Rome.

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Facts 7: Tarentum

He had captured Tarentum. It was in 212 BC. Yet, he failed in obtaining control of the harbor. The fact was turning slowly against him. It was also for the favor of Rome.

Hannibal Facts 8:  tactic superiority

He had superiority in the tactic by conducting severe defeat at the modern Ordona. It was in Apulia upon a proconsular army. He also destroyed Roman force in 208 BC engaged in the Locri Epizephyri Locri.

Hannibal Statue

Hannibal Statue

Hannibal Facts 9: the legend

It was written that Hannibal was become the Romans’ fear at the time. Any Romans have told their children about the brutality of this man.

Hannibal Facts 10: popularity

His name had become common source of information to learn about culture and also history.



The facts about Hannibal above only are the basics, you can get further information from internet or even learning from history textbooks.

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