10 Interesting Henry Clay Facts

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Henry Clay facts will be so much useful to learn about. The facts below are the basic for those who want to get further reference about this insect. So, just be more and more considerate in how to get appropriate information about this animal below.

Henry Clay Facts 1: who is he?

Henry Clay was the leader of the Whig party. He suffered failure in presidential candidate for 5 times. Henry Clay had a central role on the stage of national politics for over forty years.

Henry Clay Facts 2: secretary of state

He was the secretary of state under John Quincy Adams. He also was the speaker of the House of Representatives which had longer role that anyone else within 19th century. He also was the most influential member of the Senate during the golden age.

Henry Clay

Henry Clay

Henry Clay Facts 3: best-loved politician

Henry Clay had quality personal magnetism which made him to be one of America’s best loved politicians. Yet, he also had elaborated scheming which made him to be one of the most cordially hated people.

Henry Clay Facts 4: War Hawks

He was one of the War Hawks in 1812. War Hawks were men who had the belief that war with Great Britain was necessary in how to preserve the overseas markets of American staple producers. Clay also disapproved the slavery system.

Henry Clay Bio

Henry Clay Bio

Henry Clay Facts 5: Clay’s statecraft

He had certain centerpiece of statecraft which was called the American System. It was an integrated economic program.

Henry Clay Facts 6:Whig Party

His statecraft had become the chief plank in the Whig party. It was made to oppose the Democratic party of Andrew Jackson.

Henry Clay facts

Henry Clay facts

Henry Clay Facts 7: the Great Compromiser

He was called the Great Compromiser because he played major role in formulating 3 landmark sectional compromises of his day. He had the major goal in avoiding civil war of America. Yet, it fact he was defeated by more immediate goals indeed.

Henry Clay Facts 8:  never became a president

He never became a president. Even his Whig party had disappeared shortly after his death. The successor such as Republican Party put many features of American System into operation.

Henry Clay Pic

Henry Clay Pic

Henry Clay Facts 9: important political figures

He had become important political figures of his era. He continued to be one of the most influential people in America actually.

Henry Clay Facts 10: inspiring

Henry Clay had inspired many political leaders because of his style and ideology. Abe Lincoln even said that Clay was his ideal statesman.

Henry Clay Young

Henry Clay Young

Gathering facts about Henry Clay can be achieved in different efforts. Internet and textbook are two major things from where you get the information. There are still much info that perhaps you don’t know yet related to this man.

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