10 Interesting Henry VII Facts

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Henry VII facts give the incredible facts about the one of the kings of England. He was one of the most famous kings in the world. When people talk about the life of the royal family, they also consider the life of Henry VIII. He was the son of Henry VII. Two of Henry VIII’s wives were beheaded. Find out more about Henry VII in the post below:

Henry VII Facts 1: death

Henry VII died on April 21st, 1509. Henry VIII was his son.  His burial site was in Westminster Abbey. He passed away because of tuberculosis.

Henry VII Facts 2: date of birth

Henry VII was born on January 28th 1457. Lady Margaret Beaufort was his mother. His father was Edmund Tudor.

Henry VII facts

Henry VII facts

Henry VII Facts 3: reign

Henry VII was a king of England from 1485 to 1509. He had some children. Those included Arthur Tudor, Mary Tudor, Henry VIII and Margaret Tudor.

Henry VII Facts 4: English throne

Henry VII could claim the throne of England because his mother, Lady Margaret Beaufort was the one of the great granddaughters of John of Gaunt. He was the third son of Edward III.

Henry VII Image

Henry VII Image

Henry VII Facts 5: stronger claim

Even though he had the claim to the throne of England, the other royal family at that time had stronger claim than his. However, he could be the king during the Battle of Bosworth Field. He defeated King Richard III.

Henry VII Facts 6: the battle of Bosworth Field

The battle of Bosworth Field made Henry Tudor as the king of England. The war of the roses occurred on August 22nd 1485. There was a conflict between the house of Lancaster and the house of York.

Henry VII Painting

Henry VII Painting

Henry VII Facts 7: the battle

The battle of the house of Lancaster and York occur in a small town of Market Bosworth. The Lancastrian forces were led by Henry Tudor. The Yorkist forces were led by King Richard III. The winner in battle was Henry Tudor. So that he crowned as the king.

Henry VII Facts 8: name

Since Henry Tudor was the winner in the battle, he was crowned as the king. His name was King Henry VII.

Henry VII Statue

Henry VII Statue

Henry VII Facts 9: Elizabeth of York

To make his throne secured, he decided to unite the houses of Lancaster and Yak by marrying Elizabeth of York.  This marriage was represented by the red and white Tudor Roses.

Henry VII Facts 10: treason

Anyone who fought against the king Henry VII was considered of having treason since the king admitted that his reign started the day before the battle of Bosworth Field.

Henry VII

Henry VII

To make his position safe, he strengthened the relationship through marriage. His daughter Margaret was the wife of James IV of Scotland. His son, Arthur married or Catherine of Aragon. Are you satisfied with facts about Henry VII?

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