10 Interesting Jean Tinguely Facts

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Read the post about Jean Tinguely facts if you want to get the information about the famous Swiss sculptor and painter. Most of his artistic works are centered on the kinetic and mechanical art. It looks modern and edgy. Let’s find out more about his tradition, skill and work of arts below:

Jean Tinguely Facts 1: Dada tradition

Tinguely is one of the important artists in Dada tradition. He focuses his work on the metamechanics and kinetic arts.

Jean Tinguely Facts 2: early life

During the childhood time, he was raised in Basel. In 1952, he decided to move to France. He wanted to purse his art career here. He moved to France by taking Eva Aeppli. She was his first wife who worked as an artist too.

Jean Tinguely Art

Jean Tinguely Art

Jean Tinguely Facts 3: Parisian avant-garde

In the mid 20 century, Tinguely was included in Parisian avant-garde. In 1960s, he was one of the artists signing the Nouveau realism.

Jean Tinguely Facts 4: Homage to New York

One of his prominent works is Homage to New York. It was created in 1960. This art depicts the self destroying sculpture.

Jean Tinguely Image

Jean Tinguely Image

Jean Tinguely Facts 5: New York City

If you want to scrutinize the Homage to New York by Jean Tinguely, you need to go to New York City.  The art is displayed at Museum of Modern Art.

Jean Tinguely Facts 6: Study for an End of the World No. 2

Another notable work by Tinguely was Study for an End of the World No. 2. It was created in 1962.  It was firstly showed up in front the spectators in a desert.

Jean Tinguely facts

Jean Tinguely facts

Jean Tinguely Facts 7: marriage

What a about the personal life of Jean Tinguely? As I have stated before, Tinguley married to Eva Aeppli in 1951. Then he married Niki de Saint Phalle in 1971 as his second wife.

Jean Tinguely Facts 8: The Stravinsky Fountain

Tinguely collaborated with his second wife to create a fascinating art work called The Stravinsky Fountain in 1983. It is also called La Fontaine Stravinsky. The location of this work is near the center of Pompidou, Paris.

Jean Tinguely Pics

Jean Tinguely Pics

Jean Tinguely Facts 9: Carnival Fountain

Another fountain was created in 1977 by Tinguely in Basel. It is entitled Carnival Fountain or Fasnachtsbrunnen.

Jean Tinguely Facts 10: Luminator

Luminator was made in 1991. This art is located at the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse in 2014.

Jean Tinguely

Jean Tinguely

There are many other art works by Tinguely that you can learn. Some of them are Jo Siffert Fountain, La Cascade, Jo Siffert Fountain and Métamatic generative sculptures. Do you have any opinion on facts about Jean Tinguely?

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