10 Interesting Gautama Buddha Facts

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If you like to study about religions, let me show you the interesting Gautama Buddha facts. Gautama is very famous around the world with his teaching. The main teaching that people should remember today is only three.  He teaches you not to be hate, angry and ignorant. Find out more about him below:

Gautama Buddha Facts 1: four sights

There are fours sights during his journey outside the palace which made him realize about life. He saw an old man, a sick man, a corpse and a wandering ascetic.

Gautama Buddha Facts 2: quest of enlightenment

After he saw the true reality outside the place, it made him think a lot. All of the things that he had including the birth of his son never make him happy. Then he decided to find the enlightenment by dressing like a beggar and wandered outside the palace.

Gautama Buddha Facts

Gautama Buddha Facts

Gautama Buddha Facts 3: prediction

Before Gautama Buddha was born on the earth, there was a prediction about his future. He probably would become a saint or great ruler.

Gautama Buddha Facts 4: father

After hearing about the prophecy, his father wanted him to become a great ruler. So he decided to lock him in the palace. He never allowed him to wander outside the palace.

Gautama Buddha Meditates

Gautama Buddha Meditates

Gautama Buddha Facts 5: teacher

When he went outside the place, the first thing that he did was finding the teacher who could give him a lot of enlightenment about life and religion. However, he could not find his teacher.

Gautama Buddha Facts 6: meditation

He decided to meditate under a sacred fig. During his mediation, he was disturbed a demon called Mara. He could handle the disturbance. So Mara was vanished. At the end of his mediation, he became a Buddha after finding his enlightenment.

Gautama Buddha Statue

Gautama Buddha Statue

Gautama Buddha Facts 7: Reluctant teacher

After he became Buddha, he was very reluctant to share his enlightenment. He thought that it was very difficult for him to teach others. However, due to his responsibility, he decided to bring enlightenment to other people in the world.

Gautama Buddha Facts 8: followers

There were hundreds of followers when he began teaching about enlightenment.

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha

Gautama Buddha Facts 9: life

Gautama‘s life was not easy to find out. Many people think that he is an actual historical figure.  Most people believe that he lived around 5th century BCE in northern India.

Gautama Buddha Facts 10: appearance

In most images of Buddha, you can see him holding a Lotus promise. It is used to manifest him when he is on earth.

siddharth buddha

siddharth buddha

Lalitavistara stated that Gautama picked his own caste, place and time of his birth. Are you wondered with facts about Gautama Buddha?

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