10 Interesting Essex Facts

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Essex facts allow you to know the fascinating area in United Kingdom. If you want to enjoy the look of the relaxing coastline, you can go to Essex. This area has the longest coastline in UK. It is about 350 miles. Let’s find out the Essex facts below:

Essex Facts 1: footpaths

If you want to know the area in England which has the most footpaths except for Devon, it is in Essex. There is no need to be disappointed when you visit Essex. This country is the home to more than 75 sites of special interest.

Essex Facts 2: Stansted

Stansted is the airport in Essex received more European flights compared to any other counties in the world. If you want to know the small town in UK, you can visit Manningtree in Essex.

Essex facts

Essex facts

Essex Facts 3: Population

Essex is inhabited by more than 1.36 million people. Thus, it is considered as the second most populous country in England.

Essex Facts 4: Layer Marney

There are many kinds of historical building that you can visit in Essex. One of them includes Layer Marney. This building was established during the era of Henry VIII. It is also considered as the tallest Tudor gatehouse in Britain.

Essex Old Building

Essex Old Building

Essex Facts 5: The National Motor Boat Museum

If you want to know more about the history of motor boats, you need to go to Pitsea. It is the home to the only museum devoted for motor boat history, The National Motor Boat Museum.

Essex Facts 6: famous people

There are several famous people who live in Essex. Some of them are Tony Adams, Helen Mirram, Dermto O’Leary, Teddy Sherringham, Dick Turpin, and many more.

Essex Scene

Essex Scene

Essex Facts 7: Colchester

Before London was served as the capital city of England, the function of the capital city was taken by Colchester. Until this present day, it is considered as the oldest town in Country.

Essex Facts 8: Greensted Church

Greensted Church is stated to be the oldest wooden church in the world. It was built in around 11th century AD.



Essex Facts 9: radio

The inventor of radio, Marconi was the one responsible to make Chelmsford famous in the world.

Essex Facts 10: Norman church architecture

If you want to know the beautiful Norman church architecture in Essex, you can see Waltham Abbey. This is also the place where King Harold died in the Battle of Hastling. This man claimed to have the English throne.

finching field Essex

finching field Essex

There are many places to visit when you come in Essex. Some of them are the Audley End Stately Home, Colchester Castle, and Barleylands, Billericay. Are you interested with facts about Essex?

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