10 Interesting Apollo The Greek God Facts

Sunday, November 10th 2013. | Mythology

If you are a fan of Greek mythology, you can find more information on the Apollo the Greek God Facts. Apollo is one of the main gods in Greek mythology. This young man is always depicted with curly golden hair. Many statues and pictures also depict him with rays of sun emating around his head. Look at the complete facts about Apollo on the facts below:

Apollo The Greek God Facts 1: strength

People recognize some characters from this young man. Some of them include the handsome face, creative personality. He is also depicted as a supportive character toward the great civilization.

Apollo The Greek God Facts 2: symbol of Apollo

Apollo is symbolized with the sun. But many pictures also depict home with a bow, lyre, and a chariot.



Apollo The Greek God Facts 3: birthplace of Apollo

Do you know the place where Apollo was delivered? It was on the sunny Greek Island of Delos. He was born with Artemis. She was his twin sister. The actual site of the birth is under a palm tree.

Apollo The Greek God Facts 4: weakness

Apollo is a god with weakness too. He is too much involved with nymphs just like his father Zeus. He concentrated more to pursue a nymph.

apollo and daphne

apollo and daphne

Apollo The Greek God Facts 5: Spouse

There is no formal marriage of Apollo. But this young man enjoyed a lot of relationships with various encounters. One of them is Daphne.  She became a laurel tree after she fled from Apollo’s embrace.  Cassandra was gifted by Apollo with a prophecy after she had a fling with him.

Apollo The Greek God Facts 6: children

Even though Apollo has no formal spouse, the information stated that Apollo had some off springs. Some of them include Aesculapius, Asklepios, Orpheus, and Asclepius.

Apollo facts

Apollo facts

Apollo The Greek God Facts 7: Helios

Helios is considered as the solar god.  But in some places in Greece, Apollo replaced his presence of sun god. You can find many sacred places for Helios located on the high mountain tops. However, today people also build churches of Saint Elias in similar areas.

Apollo The Greek God Facts 8: temples

If you want to know the temples dedicated to Apollo, look at mountain town of Delphi. However, people cannot see any temple for Apollo in the island of Delos today.

Apollo god

Apollo god

Apollo The Greek God Facts 9: parents

Do you know the parents of Apollo?  His father was the supreme Greek god named Zeus. His mother was a nymph called Leto.

Apollo The Greek God Facts 10: birth of Apollo

When the wife of Zeus Hera found out that Leto was impregnated, he did not want any surface on earth to accept the birth of Apollo.  But the island of Delos allowed her to deliver the babies.

Apollo statue

Apollo statue

The one raising him by giving the sacred nectar of the gods called as ambrosia is Themis. When Apollo grew up, he played more with many nymphs such as Kyrene, Eudne, and Thero. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Apollo the Greek God?

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