10 Interesting the Trojan War Facts

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The Trojan War Facts present the information about a Greek mythology. The war took place because Helen, the wife of King Sparta named Menelaus was taken by Paris of Troy. Therefore, the war between the Achaeans and city of Troy was unavoidable. Many works in Greek literature talked about Trojan War. It is considered one of the most narrated events. The Homer’s Iliad is considered as the notable one, which narrated the last events of Trojan War. Below is the complete information about the Trojan War.

The Trojan War Facts 1: the origin of the Trojan War

The origin of the war was traced back between the dispute of Aphrodite, Athena and Hera. Eris had Apple of Discord, which marked for the fairest one. It was a golden apple. Paris thought that Aphrodite should receive the golden apple for she was the fairest one.

The Trojan War Facts 2: Aphrodite and Paris

Since Paris selected Aphrodite for the fairest one, she had to make Helen fall in love with him. Find facts about Hera here.

the trojan war painting

the trojan war painting

The Trojan War Facts 3: the insult of Paris

Taking the wife of King Sparta was considered as an insult. Therefore, the brother of Menelaus, Agamemnon who was the King of Mycenae led his Achaean army to attack Troy. The siege took place for 10 years.

The Trojan War Facts 4: the heroes

Many heroes fought in Trojan War. They included Paris and Hector from Troy and Ajax and Achilles from the Achaeans. Look at facts about Hermes here.

the trojan war pic

the trojan war pic

The Trojan War Facts 5: the Trojan horse

One of the important symbols in the story was The Trojan Horse used for a trick. The Trojans were slaughtered by the Achaeans. The children and women were not murdered since they would sell them as slaves.

The Trojan War Facts 6: the belief of ancient Greeks

The Trojan War was believed to have occurred in 13th or 12th century BC according to ancient Greece. The location of Troy was close the Dardanelles.

the trojan war

the trojan war

The Trojan War Facts 7: the mythological or historical event?

Trojan War is not seen as a historical event by most scholars. However, it is a mythological event. Whether Troy is real or not is still in an open debate among the scholars.

The Trojan War Facts 8: the Iliad and the Odyssey

The Iliad and the Odyssey were both composed by Homer. The epic poems are very important to define the literature of ancient Greece. The scholars believe that both were created in 9th and 6th centuries BC.

the trojan war facts

the trojan war facts

The Trojan War Facts 9: The Iliad

If you read the Iliad, you will know the siege of Troy during the last year.

The Trojan War Facts 10: the Odyssey

The Odyssey narrated the story about the return of Odysseus in his home island after the war.

facts about the trojan war

facts about the trojan war

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