10 Interesting Goblin Facts

Tuesday, February 25th 2014. | Mythology

Find out the information about the imaginative characters by reading Goblin facts. Goblin can be seen in various kinds of stories. If you have watched Harry Potter and The Lord of the Ring Trilogy, you know the description of Goblin. However, do you know this character well? Find out more on the following post below:

Goblin Facts 1: dogs

Goblin hate dogs much.   This animal is great when riding wolves. But they just want to make sure that it is not their hated dog.

Goblin Facts 2: horses

Goblin also hates horses. Goblin tends to fear with horses so they hate all of the items which are related to horses. When it comes about riding a horse, goblin gives up.

Goblin facts

Goblin facts

Goblin Facts 3: singing

The singing ability of Goblin is great. It can sing well even though human being hates when hearing the goblin sings. It tends to choose the creepy melodies and lyrics for the songs.

Goblin Facts 4: junkyard

Goblin loved to stay around the garbage, trash, gutter, sewers and pits. The things that human being throw away on the junkyard are used goblins to kill or disturb them.

Goblin Image

Goblin Image

Goblin Facts 5: an angry goblin

I recommend you not to make Goblin angry at you.  It can be talkative, chattering and noisy which make your ears hurt. In some cases, an angry goblin can stand still without any word.

Goblin Facts 6: place for hiding

Goblin likes to live undercover.  It can be seen living under in the oven, stack of woods, under chicken cops and under logs because it is very small.

Goblin Pic

Goblin Pic

Goblin Facts 7: crazy

I can say that goblin is a little crazy. Goblin cannot think creatively.  You can see the example of the place to hide. What on earth does goblin think when choosing oven as a safe place to hide.

Goblin Facts 8: distraction

Goblin is very easy to distract. When it sees small animals or even shining things, they can distract from the real plan.



Goblin Facts 9: fire

Goblins love to see when there is something burning.

Goblin Facts10: food

Goblin has a very big appetite. They like eating a dozen of meals in one day.

If you see the appearance of goblin, you can find out that it has a small body with head.  The face is very ugly and weird. Are you interested with facts about goblin?

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