10 Interesting Beowulf Facts

Monday, November 18th 2013. | Mythology

Beowulf facts present one of the oldest stories in the world. This oldest surviving manuscript has been studied by many people all over the world. If you are interested with English literature, you need to know the meaning of Beowulf. This story has been adapted into a movie. Find out more facts about it here.

Beowulf Facts 1: the writing process

Beowulf is considered as the oldest living manuscript because it was written 1,000 AD by an Anglo Saxon. It was in 1731 that this oldest manuscript was given by Robert Cotton to British Museum. Many experts believed that the poem in the manuscripts probably was written around 17th to 18th century.

Beowulf Facts 2: writer

The writer of Beowulf is anonymous.  Until this present day no one knows the writer of this manuscript. It was firstly available for public in 1815.

Beowulf fights

Beowulf fights

Beowulf Facts 3: fire-breathing dragon

The fire-breathing dragon went above the ground after his treasure was stolen by the thieves. After Beowulf gained victory by defeating Grendel, he lived well in his kingdom. The dragon became attacking his people after his treasure was stolen.

Beowulf Facts 4: rule of the king

Beowulf became the king for 50 years. He got a land that he ruled after Beowulf save treasures to the king and queen. Beowulf took over the kingdom after the king was assassinated in a war.

Beowulf fights

Beowulf fights

Beowulf Facts 5: Hrothgar

There were twelve treasures given to Beowulf when he killed the second demon. The treasures were given by Hrothgar.

Beowulf Facts 6: killed men by Grendel

In the first opening chapter, there were 30 men killed by Grendel.

Beowulf manuscript

Beowulf manuscript

Beowulf Facts 7: who is Grendel?

Grendel was a demon. He was considered as the descendant of Adam and Eve’s son Cain. He came up from the undersea after he heard songs sung by Hrothgar. The song was about the God and creation. Since this event, Grendel always brought fury to the Hrothgar kingdom.

Beowulf Facts 8: death of Beowulf

It was very ironic that the dragon made Beowulf died.  It bites him on the neck.

Beowulf movie

Beowulf movie

Beowulf Facts 9: Grendel’s mother

Even though Beowulf killed Grendel, he raised another demon. that was Grendel’s mother.  The poem stated that this mother was very evil and cruel.

Beowulf Facts 10: Wiglaf

An important character in the second half of Beowulf poem was Wiglaf. He was a loyal warrior to Beowulf. The battle was passed by Beowulf and this man.

Beowulf pic

Beowulf pic

Beowulf has a fascinating sword. He called it Naegling. What do you think on facts about Beowulf?

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