10 Interesting Dragon Facts

Thursday, January 2nd 2014. | Mythology

Give your brain more ideas about one mythological creature by looking at dragon facts. We do not know whether a dragon exists in the world or not. Some people believe that it is only a mythological creature that you can find in almost in many ancient stories. However, there are some people who believe that this dragon is real. What about you? Do you believe it? Find out more about dragon in the post below:

Dragon Facts 1: magical power

Dragon is the creature which owns the magical power. That’s why this animal actually is only a mythological character.

Dragon Facts 2: dragon in modern stories

There are many modern authors in the world which depict dragons in their stories. You can see the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. Find the Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire to know the depiction of dragon. Another story of dragon can be seen in the Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Dragon Anime

Dragon Anime

Dragon Facts 3: reptile

When you ask me the description of a dragon, I can say that it resembles the look of a reptile or snake like creature.  The size of a dragon is very big with powerful cues.

Dragon Facts 4: breath

The magical power of dragon can be seen on their breath. You can see that many stories depict them can breathe the ice or fire. It can make the people and other objects cold and burn into fire.

Dragon Bones

Dragon Bones

Dragon Facts 5: flying animal

Even though the appearance of dragon reminds you with the shape of reptile or snake, this animal can fly on the air with gigantic wings. The bodies are mostly covered by scales. It also has a very long tail which can destroy the object if it moves.

Dragon Facts 6: eyes

The eyes of a dragon are scary. You can find that the animal has slanted eyes. Most dragons that you can find on the stories or movies are depicted in green or red color to define anger and monstrous being.

Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire

Dragon Facts 7: characters

If you think that all dragons in the story are always depicted with fierce character, you are wrong. There are some dragons in movies or stories depicted with helpful and kind nature.

Dragon Facts 8: power

The power attached to dragon is various.  Each culture has different belief about power of a dragon. Most of them stated that dragon has the ability to breathe the fire and ice.

Dragon Skull

Dragon Skull

Dragon Facts 9: phoenix

The dragon version in Chinese culture is called the phoenix. This dragon is used as the symbol in the Chinese kingdom. You can find this dragon is symbolized in the cloth or even interior of a kingdom. This dragon is equipped with five claws.

Dragon Facts 10: name

The Latin name for dragon is Draco. It actually was derived from the Greek language of drakones.

Varna Dragons

Varna Dragons

The old English people call it draca, while the Normadic word for this dragon is ormr. Are you fascinated with facts about dragon?

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