10 Interesting Hera Facts

Wednesday, March 19th 2014. | Mythology

Hera facts give you the detail information about the Greek goddess Hera. She is very famous in the Greek mythology because she is considered as the queen of Gods after marrying his brother, Zeus.  If you want to know more about this beautiful goddess, read the whole facts below:

Hera Facts 1: parents

Hera is the daughter of Rhea and Cronos. He married her brother Zeus. Since Zeus is considered as the king of god, as a wife, Hera gained the title as the queen of gods.

Hera Facts 2: the protector of women

As a queen of gods, it seems that Hera had done her job well. The ancient people considered her as the protector for the women.

Hera fact

Hera fact

Hera Facts 3: appearance

Based on the Greek mythology, it is stated that Hera was a beautiful woman. However, she is also filled with vain and jealously. She was jealous with Aphrodite and Athena since a prince of troy stated that Aphrodite was the most beautiful of all goddesses. Therefore, Hera gave the support to the Greek people during the Trojan War.

Hera Facts 4: children

Hera had two daughters. Their names were Eris and Hebe. She also had two sons. Both were Ares the god of war and Hephaestus.

Hera images

Hera images

Hera Facts 5: Heracles

Hera really hated one of Zeus’s sons. His name was Heracles. To make him vanished; she sent two snakes to kill him when he was only a baby. However, Heracles was safe since he could strangle the snakes.

Hera Facts 6: symbol

To symbolize Hera, people use the peacock.

Hera Queen

Hera Queen

Hera Facts 7: goddess

As a goddess, she was mainly worshiped by the people living in Samos and Crete. The Roman people called the goddess of Hera with name Juno.

Hera Facts 8: Hera’s Strengths

Talking about her strength, people know that Hera was the defender and protector of women. She always defended the sanctity of monogamy and marriage. However, this woman married Zeus who had a lot of wives and mistresses.

Hera statue

Hera statue

Hera Facts 9: siblings

All of her siblings were the important gods in Greek mythologies. She sibling included Poseidon, Demeter, Hades, Zeus and Hestia.

Hera Facts 10: Temple Sites

The major temple site recorded by the Greek mythology is seen in the island of Samos. It is the honeymoon place for Hera and Zeus. The first 300 years of their marriage was spent there.



Her daughter, Hebe was the goddess of health.  Ares was goddess of war. Typhon was the serpent of Delphi.  Another child of Hera and Zeus was Eileithyia. She was the goddess of childbirth. Are you fascinated with facts about Hera?

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