10 Interesting Demeter Facts

Saturday, December 28th 2013. | Mythology

Demeter facts talk about the myths, legends and religious beliefs of the ancient Greek people. When we talk about Demeter, it means that we have to reduce the Greek goddess who is associated with agriculture. In this post, you will get a lot of information about the goddess in detail:

Demeter Facts 1: goddess

Demeter is recognized as the goddess of agriculture, fertility, earth, season and nature. The goddess who has the responsibility to make sure all mankind provided with bread is Demeter.

Demeter Facts 2: Mount Olympus

Demeter has a high position in all Greek Gods and Goddesses. She can be seen resided on the summit of Mount Olympus. You need to know that they are only 12 Olympian Gods who can stay there.

Demeter Beautiful

Demeter Beautiful

Demeter Facts 3: parents

The name of her mother was Rhea while his father was Cronus.

Demeter Facts 4: Persephone

Persephone is her daughter.  Hades who is the bother of Zeus abducted her daughter, Persephone.

Demeter Beauty

Demeter Beauty

Demeter Facts 5: chariot

Just like any other gods and goddesses, she also had her chariot. She had serpent like monsters which look like a part of winged dragon.

Demeter Facts 6: Arion

Arion is one of her sons. This man had a very lovely voice. That’s why he became a poet and a singer.

Demeter facts

Demeter facts

Demeter Facts 7: symbols

There are several symbols attached to Demeter. Some of them include Winged Serpent, Grain Sheaf, Cornucopia, lotus Staff, and Torch. All of them are always associated with Demeter.

Demeter Facts 8: Eleusinian mysteries

Eleusinian mysteries are one of the essential ceremonies held by the people in ancient Greek. This ceremony is used to serve Demeter. The main purpose is to give the man higher hope in the this present life and after life. People call this ceremony wit name Eleusinian mysteries.

Demeter Goddes

Demeter Goddes

Demeter Facts 9: Aethon

Aethon is the god of famine. Demeter punished him by locating Aethon inside the stomach of Erysichthon. This god became eternally famine became he cut down the tree located in a sacred grove.

Demeter Facts 10: the art of agriculture

The Greek myth also stated that Demeter was the one taught people on how to plant crops and harvest them.



The roman version of Demeter is Ceres. The word Ceres was derived from the word cereal which is associated with agriculture and food. What do you think on facts about Demeter?

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