10 Interesting Iwo Jima Facts

Monday, April 14th 2014. | History

Iwo Jima facts can be the basic in how you may learn history about this fact. It is true that more people have gained good information about this history. The way you look for the facts can simply be maintained in how you look for the best sources of it.

Iwo Jima Facts 1: Hideyoshi Obata

It was in March 1944 when Japanese 31st Army was activated to garrison the inner line. The commander of such army was Hideyoshi Obata.

Iwo Jima Facts 2: Volcano Islands

There was a commander of Japanese garrison on Chici Jima who was placed in command both for Army and Navy units in the Volcano Islands.  Yet, later after American conquest Marianas, the Operation Scavenger became so much troublesome because of its bomber raids.

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima

Iwo Jima Facts 3: reinforcements

It was true that U.S ever seized bases in the Marshalls within battle of Eniwetok and Kwajalein. It was in February 1944. Later, the reinforcements from Japan were sent to Iwo Jima. They were 500 men from naval base and 400 from Chici Jima. They reached Iwo Jima on March and April 1944.

Iwo Jima Facts 4: Tadamichi Kuribayashi

Liutenant Tadamichi Kuribayashi was assigned in commanding the defense of Iwo Jima. Although he knew that Japan may never win the battle, he hoped to give great casualties on US forces. The purpose is to make the allies reconsidering the invasion.

Iwo Jima facts

Iwo Jima facts

Iwo Jima Facts 5: the defense

Kuribayashi gained the inspiration from defense in the Battle of Peleliu. He designed certain defense strategy such as mutually supporting defensive defenses within the depth. It was by using heavy weapons which are static especially artillery and machine guns.

Iwo Jima Facts 6: pillboxes

The role of pillboxes was very significant. It made the air and naval bombardment of the American became so much dull. It could be reoccupied simpler for defense.

Iwo Jima pic

Iwo Jima pic

Iwo Jima Facts 7: hidden land mines

There were many hidden artillery and land mines placed all over the island. There were also special weapons such as 320 mm spigot mortars and many explosive rockets.

Iwo Jima Facts 8:  naval bombardments and air raids

It was on 15 June 1944 when US began the naval and air raids to Iwo Jima. It was the longest conflict in Pacific theater actually.

Iwo Jima Tanks

Iwo Jima Tanks

Iwo Jima Facts 9: wrong speculation

Many marines speculated that massive Japanese defenders were killed after the bombardment. It was wrong actually.

Iwo Jima Facts 10: the lost of hope

It was because of the run out supplies, Japanese troops became desperate toward the battle. Kuribayashi said so.

There are more facts about Iwo Jima that you can learn about. In this case, you really need to make sure about how to read the facts basically for those who have been so much worry about this. The more you inspect about the information can be reviewed online.

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