10 Interesting the Taliban Facts

Wednesday, November 23rd 2016. | History

The Taliban Facts inform the readers with the Islamic fundamentalist politician movement.  It applied the strict interpretation of Islamic law in 1996 until 2001 in Afghanistan. The position of the spiritual leader and supreme commander of Taliban was under the hand of Mullah Mohammed Omar until his death in 2013. Let us get other interesting facts about the Taliban below:

The Taliban Facts 1: the leader of Taliban

In 2015, the leadership of Taliban was at the hand of Mullah Akhtar Mansour. Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada was selected as the next leader after Mansour was killed in drone strike of United States in May 2016.

The Taliban Facts 2: a notable faction

In the Afghan Civil War, Taliban appeared as one of the notable factions in 1994. Get facts about Tajikistan here.

the taliban facts

the taliban facts

The Taliban Facts 3: the members of Taliban

Most members of Taliban were the students who had received training in Pakistan.

The Taliban Facts 4: the movement of Taliban

The movement of Taliban in Afghanistan spread rapidly under the leadership of Omar. The Mujahideen warlords could not retain their power in Afghanistan.



The Taliban Facts 5: the politics of Afghanistan

In 1996, Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan was founded. Kandahar was selected as the new capital for Afghanistan.

The Taliban Facts 6: the control

Most areas in Afghanistan were under the control of Taliban.  It lost the control of the country after United States invaded Taliban in December 2001.



The Taliban Facts 7: the diplomatic relation

There were only three nations in the world, which recognized the diplomatic relation of Taliban’s government. They included United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Get other facts about Afghanistan here.

The Taliban Facts 8: insurgency movement

Taliban was rearranged into an insurgency movement to fight against ISAF or International Security Assistance Force and Karzai administration.

facts about talibans

facts about talibans

The Taliban Facts 9: the condemned movement

Taliban applied the brutal treatment on the women. The interpretation of Sharia Law or Islamic law of Taliban was too strict and harsh.

The Taliban Facts 10: the brutality during the rule

When the United Nations tried to give the starving civilians food supplies, Taliban denied it. Taliban was also accused for damaging 10,000 homes and brutally massacred the civilians of Afghanistan. Moreover, there were various terrorism activities conducted by Taliban after 9/11 insurgency. In 2012, 80 percent of casualties in Afghan civilians were caused by Taliban based on the point of view of United Nations.

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