10 Interesting Gettysburg Address Facts

Monday, February 17th 2014. | History

Gettysburg Address facts will be so much important for some people. Especially those who have the study about it, the facts below will become the first step to learn. More people have already interested to do such research actually. It was most recognizable address or speech in Gettysburg.

Gettysburg Address Facts 1: Edward Everett

You should know that the one who decided the date of the dedication was Edward Everett. It was on 1863 where the Gettysburg was still overflowed with corpses. It was on Oct. 23 where the dedication was noted for him.

Gettysburg Address Facts 2:  written

Next fact is interesting. The Gettysburg Address was not written on the back of certain envelope. It was true that the reputation of Lincoln had to endure about two myths. They were on the last minute invite and remarks writing at the last minute.

Gettysburg Address Facts

Gettysburg Address Facts

Gettysburg Address Facts 3:  Everett’s speech

It was recognized that Everett’s speech became a hit. Perhaps the main reason was because the link between the Gettysburg battle and the ancient Greece wars of two hour oratory.

Gettysburg Address Facts 4: Lincoln’s speech

So, what was about Lincoln’s speech? The reaction was so mixed. Yet, the most recognizable one was the national attention towards such speech.

Gettysburg Address History

Gettysburg Address History

Gettysburg Address Facts 5: Gettysburg Address hit

After the addressing, Gettysburg Address started to become a hit. The reviews made by newspaper perhaps were mixed. Yet, later people became so much interested in getting the copy of the speech of Lincoln autographed.

Gettysburg Address Facts 6: Lincoln’s trip

To do the addressing, Lincoln almost failed the trip. It was because he still wore black mourning band for Willie. He was his son.  He also didn’t want to leave for the addressing because of the illness of his son named Tad.

Gettysburg Address Lincoln

Gettysburg Address Lincoln

Gettysburg Address Facts 7: the language

What was about the language? Much of the language used and also the thematic content of the addressing had ever been used by Lincoln before. Perhaps it was similar to Declaration of Independence.

Gettysburg Address Facts 8:  versions

If it is related to the versions, there were 5 different versions of such speech.  You can notice the oldest which is widely quoted there.

Gettysburg Address Pic

Gettysburg Address Pic

Gettysburg Address Facts 9: criticism

It was considered to be one of great speeches of history. Of course it earned criticism from many newspapers.

Gettysburg Address Facts 10: the God

You also will notice that “God” was the only proper name which was mentioned within the speech.  Even the name of the battle was not mentioned.

Gettysburg Address

Gettysburg Address

Those facts about Gettysburg Address will be so much useful to educate people about this right? People even can gather further info from any textbooks or articles that they browse online. Just do some researches actually.

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