10 Interesting Amsterdam Facts

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Amsterdam Facts show the information about the capital of the Kingdom of Netherlands. This municipality takes the status as the most populous one. The constitution of the Netherlands mandates the status of Amsterdam as a capital. The Hague serves as the seat for the government of the Netherlands. The urban area of Amsterdam is a home for 1,351,587 people, while the city proper is a home for 851,373 people. The metropolitan area of Amsterdam is occupied by 2,410,960 people. Here are other complete facts about Amsterdam to notice:

Amsterdam Facts 1: the name of the municipality

The name of the municipality is taken from the word Amstelredamme. The origin was traced back from a dam located at River Amstel.

Amsterdam Facts 2: Amsterdam in the past

In the late 12th century, Amsterdam appeared as a small fishing village. In 17th century, it was known as one of the vital ports in Netherlands during the Dutch Golden Age. It was known as the center of diamond and finance.

Amsterdam Anne Frank

Amsterdam Anne Frank

Amsterdam Facts 3: development and expansion

Development and expansion of Amsterdam was noted in 19th and 20th century. Amsterdam had more suburbs and neighborhoods. Look at facts about York here.

Amsterdam Facts 4: the famous companies

Amsterdam becomes the center and headquarters of the notable companies in the world.  ING and Philips are some companies found in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Facts

Amsterdam Facts

Amsterdam Facts 5: the notable people

The notable people who had lived in Amsterdam included Baruch Spinoza, Anne Frank, Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn.

Amsterdam Facts 6: the stock exchange

Do you know that the world’s oldest stock exchange in the world is located in Amsterdam? It is called Amsterdam Stock Exchange.



Amsterdam Facts 7: the primary attractions and point of interest

Visiting Amsterdam is amazing because it is a home to many attractions.  You can go to Anne Frank House, Hermitage Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Amsterdam Museum.

Amsterdam Facts 8: de Wallen

de Wallen is the term to call the oldest part of de Wallen. The red light district is housed in the area. Get facts about Abu Dhabi here.

Facts about Amsterdam

Facts about Amsterdam

Amsterdam Facts 9: the city planning

The city planning in Amsterdam is heavily defined according to the canal system.

Amsterdam Facts 10: parks

Amsterdam is a home to many parks. If you visit Oud-Zuid borough, you need to go to Vondelpark. It earns the status as the largest park in Amsterdam. It has been visited by at least 10 million people annually.

Amsterdam 1814

Amsterdam 1814

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