10 Interesting Gordon Korman Facts

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Gordon Korman facts can be the additional knowledge to learn further about this author. Korman was considered to be one of important American write. I believe there are people who have no further understanding related to him. So, let’s learn the facts or information below.

Gordon Korman Facts 1: who is he?

He was recognized worldwide to be the author of more than sixty children’s books. It may include the Dive series, the Monday Night Football Club series, and also Swindle series. He also had non serial books including A Semester in the Life of a Garbage Bag, No More Dead Dogs, and the Twinkie Squad.

Gordon Korman Facts 2:  before the fame

His first book before he gained fame has the title “This Cant be Happening at MacDonald Hall. It was the result of certain assignment given to him in his 7th grade. It was given by English teacher. The work was published by Scholastic Press in his age of 14th years old.

Gordon Korman Books

Gordon Korman Books

Gordon Korman Facts 3:  trivia

He had career spanning for more than 3 decades. He even sold more than 17 million copies of the books that he wrote.

Gordon Korman Facts 4: family life

He had grown in Ontario and he was relocated to US in order to study dramatic writing. It was at New York University. Later he settled on Long Island along with the wife and his 3 children.

Gordon Korman facts

Gordon Korman facts

Gordon Korman Facts 5: Robert Munsch

He had associated with Robert Munsch who was also popular children’s book author. He was from Canada.

Gordon Korman Facts 6: the first book

He wrote the first book in the age of 12 years old. It was unexpected event actually. You can learn more about it from any source of information.

Gordon Korman on stage

Gordon Korman on stage

Gordon Korman Facts 7: 85 books

It is a fact that he had written more than 85 books which had provided him the result of 17 million copies in his career.

Gordon Korman Facts 8:  film-writing department

Korman once moved to United States. The purpose was to attend New York University. There he studied about film within film-writing department.

Gordon Korman Pic

Gordon Korman Pic

Gordon Korman Facts 9: the BA

He got his BA from New York University in the year 1985. This was for Dramatic and also Visual Writing within an minor in Motion Picture and Television.

Gordon Korman Facts 10: the hobbies

He had certain hobbies such as travelling, sports, and also music.

Gordon Korman

Gordon Korman

What do you think facts about Gordon Korman above? You need to know that the facts above can be your basic information that you may really recognize in how to make sure that you can really know about some fun information on him.

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