10 Interesting Jane Addams Facts

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Jane Addams facts will be perfect discussion here actually. What I really want to discuss is about in how you learn more in how to get basic review about this woman. It will be so much recognizable for any of you.

Jane Addams Facts 1: who is she?

Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860. She was actually the pioneer settlement social worker, sociologist, public philosopher, author, and also the leader of women’s suffrage and also world peace. Any of you need to know about this.

Jane Addams Facts 2: concern of mothers

She actually helped the issues of concerns to mothers in US. The issues are the needs of public health, children, world peace, and many others. She also gained responsibility in cleaning up the communities and making it better place to live.

Jane Addams

Jane Addams

Jane Addams Facts 3: birth

She was born in Cedarville, Illinois. She actually was the youngest of 9 children born into prosperous family of English-American descent. He father was prominent in politic as well.

Jane Addams Facts 4: childhood

She had spent her childhood playing outside, reading, and also attending the Sunday school. When she was 4, she also contracted spine tuberculosis. It may cause her in suffering from curvature in her spine and also further health problems.

Jane Addams facts

Jane Addams facts

Jane Addams Facts 5: big dreams

She actually had big dreams which are to do something useful for the world. She also gained long interest in the poor by reading Dickens inspired by the kindness of the Cedarville poor. She decided as well to be a doctor.

Jane Addams Facts 6: travel

She also once conducted travelling with her stepmother at the time along with friends and family as well to join them.

Jane Addams Pic

Jane Addams Pic

Jane Addams Facts 7: Hull House

Jane Addams and her college friend named Ellen Gates Starr had co-founded Hull House in Chicago, Illinois.

Jane Addams Facts 8:  feminist sensibilities

Jane Addams’ actually combined feminist sensibilities along with the commitment in getting social improvement through cooperative efforts.

Jane Austen in Novel

Jane Austen in Novel

Jane Addams Facts 9: democratic cooperation

The movement actually was designed in doing cooperation and collective action for the individualism. She actually helped to pass the 1st model of tenement code.

Jane Addams Facts 10: progressive era

Widely recognized in 1920, she was regarded to be the greatest woman of the progressive era. In 1931, the award of the Nobel Peace price was earned by her.

Jane Addams Young

Jane Addams Young

Internet can be the best source to get facts about Jane Addams. In this case, you really need to recognize the most about in how to get basic review about it before studying further.

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