10 Interesting Advertising Facts

Sunday, November 3rd 2013. | Business

Advertising facts show you the information about advertisements that you can see not only on the television but also newspaper and magazine. Advertising products is needed because it is a part of marketing system. Without advertising your product the customers do not know what you are a selling. Reach more customers by using advertisement. Here are some interesting facts about advertisement:

Advertising Facts 1: a complicated ad

Not all of ads in the world are well received.  An ad from the advanced medical institute about erectile dysfunction was the most complained ad in Australia in 2010.

Advertising Facts 2: Ice cubes

You can see many ice cubes in beverage ads. The ice cubes actually are created from acrylic. The creator adds a little detergent to make bubble.  People do not use the real ice cubes because they will melt under the hot light of photography.



Advertising Facts 3: Pharmaceutical companies

You are wrong if you think that pharmaceutical companies spend their cash more on research. They use more money on advertising the products.

Advertising Facts 4: Marlboro Man

Marlboro Man is an icon in an ad. The ad was firstly created in 1955. The model used in the ad should be masculine. Thus, it includes captains, gunsmiths and athletes.



Advertising Facts 5: TV commercials

For a 30 second ad during the super bowl XLV in 2011, the companies had to pay $3 million.

Advertising Facts 6: cost

The cash that the companies all over the world should spend for advertising is around $500 billion.

Advertising Agencies

Advertising Agencies

Advertising Facts 7: fashion advertising

Fashion advertising has been criticized from time to time. Many ads picturize women wearing furs, laying on bearskin rug or even wearing feather.

Advertising Facts 8: violence toward women

The body parts of women are always focused and centered in ads. It is criticized by many people as violence toward women.

Advertising Facts

Advertising Facts

Advertising Facts 9: standard billboard

Advertising can be done on the street too. The standard billboard filled the American region in 1900s.

Advertising Facts 10: advertisements for children

The companies in US had to spend at least $15 billion to make ads for children.



Apple Macintosh computer ad was firstly launched in 1984 during the super bowl in one time only. However, the ad gave a big impact on product promotions. The ad was directed by Ridley Scott. People still remember the ad till date. It was in 1994 that the first ad with a homosexual couple was aired on TV. It was an IKEA ad depicted two male companions shopping for furniture. Do you have any opinion on facts about advertising?

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