10 Interesting Nokia Facts

Sunday, August 31st 2014. | Business

Nokia Facts explain the detail facts about one of the famous mobile phone companies in the world. It has been in the communication world for more than a century. People like to use Nokia because it is user friendly, durable, affordable, and modern.  Here are facts about Nokia for you:

Nokia Facts 1: a paper mill

Before Nokia become a very big company in the world, it was only a paper mill. It was created in 1865 in Finland.

Nokia Facts 2: the location

Nokia is not only a name of a company. It is actually a name of a town located in Finland. The company’s founders decided to use the town name, Nokia as the name of their communication company.

Nokia Facts

Nokia Facts

Nokia Facts 3: the largest global supplier

Do you know that Nokia was called as the largest global supplier of cell phones in the world for nearly 14 years? The victory of Nokia could be seen in 1998 till 2012. It has to come to an end after the iPhone and android cell phones dominate the market.

Nokia Facts 4: Fortune Magazine

In Fortune Magazine 2006, Nokia was in 20th position of the best companies in the world. It was a big success and critical acclaim for Nokia as a mobile company.

Nokia Lumia

Nokia Lumia

Nokia Facts 5: the first mobile phone

The first mobile phone of Nokia was The Mobira Senator. The weight of this product is around 22 lbs or 10 kg. Originally the Mobira senator was sold on the market in 1982.

Nokia Facts 6: smartphone

The main technology that Nokia used is the Smartphone technology. It is considered as one of the forefront in Smartphone system. In 1996, Nokia 9000 was launched in the market. It became the leading mobile phone company in the world with Smartphone technology before Apple took over the market with their iPhone 1.

Nokia Pic

Nokia Pic

Nokia Facts 7: rate of selling mobile phone

The fascinating record is when the company could sell one mobile phone in every 3 seconds in the world. It was a fantastic performance by Nokia.

Nokia Facts 8: the best camera

The main feature that people like to get form Nokia is the digital camera.  You can get the highest quality of pictures if you get a photo shot using Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia Yellow

Nokia Yellow

Nokia Facts 9: iPhone success

The success of Phone made the sales of Nokia decreased rapidly. In 2007, the share of Smartphone market for Nokia is around 49.4 percent. In the beginning of 2013, it only shared 3 percent of the market. Get facts about iphone here.

Nokia Facts 10: Nokia 1100

One of the most popular types of Nokia’s mobile phone is Nokia 1100. The company has sold 250 million of this cell phone in the world.



The decline of sales in the market forced the management of the company to sell the cell phone and handset part to Microsoft. Do you want to give opinion on facts about Nokia?

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