10 Interesting Accounting Facts

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Accounting facts tell you not only about numbers. You can also learn about tradition, romance and history. you are wrong if you think that accounting is not fun. You can learn many things when you study accounting. If you are curious with the relationship of accounting with romance and tradition, look at the following facts below:

Accounting Facts 1: computer

Compter was the original word of accounting. It was a derived from a French language. The meaning of compter is to count or score. The p letter on compter was dropped on the pronunciation and spelling of over the time.

Accounting Facts 2: record keeping

The people who were obsessed with record keeping were the ancient Romans. The military bases of roman always recorded the number of grains or even nails that they use and have in the workshops.



Accounting Facts 3: Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli

Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli wrote the first book about double-entry accounting in 1494. He was an Italian mathematician and Franciscan friar.  This man is called as the father of modern accounting because of his book.

Accounting Facts 4: 19th Certified Accountant

In 1896, New York State issued the first certified public accountant exam.

Accounting and numbers

Accounting and numbers

Accounting Facts 5: FBI

The law enforcement cannot be separated from accounting. You may be surprised when you know that FBI   has 1,400 accountants as their special agents.

Accounting Facts 6: Walter Dimer

Walter Dimer was an accountant who invented a bubble gum in 1928.



Accounting Facts 7: Al Capone

Some FBI accountants brought down Al Capone in 1931.  This Chicago crime boss was charged of income tax evasion even though many people believe that he was subjected to crime such as murder and bootlegging.

Accounting Facts 8: celebrities

There are various celebrities who began their career as an accountant. Some of them include WWE wrestler D-Lo Brown, Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell, comedian Bob Newhart and jazz artist Kenny G.

CPE Calculator and Pen

CPE Calculator and Pen

Accounting Facts 9: accounting study

Before their big time, there were some celebrities who studied accounting. Some of them include singer Jane Jackson, lead singer of Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and author John Grisham.

Accounting Facts 10: Academy Awards

Accountants are needed in Academy Awards. Prior to the Oscar night, the accountants will spend their 1,700 hours to count the Academy Award ballots manually.

Accounting Facts

Accounting Facts

The accountants are described as bean counter if they have a detail obsessed with accounting. The term has been popular in 1970s. Do you want to add more info on facts about accounting?

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