10 Interesting Marketing Facts

Tuesday, July 8th 2014. | Business

Let’s find out the interesting marketing facts if you want to know modern marketing technique that people use today. Do you know that the social network can be used as a form of marketing products and services? If you want to know more facts about marketing, see the following post below:

Marketing Facts 1: social media interactions

The social media interaction is very popular today. Do you know that in United States alone, there are 166 million Facebook users? If you check out Twitter, you can find out 400 million tweets sent every single day. Therefore, the usage of social media as a form of marketing is very appropriate.

Marketing Facts 2: local business online

Finding the products in online market is easier to do. The customers do not need to find the physical stores in town.  More than 97 percent of customers look for the online local businesses.

Marketing Facts

Marketing Facts

Marketing Facts 3: quick response

71 percent of customers who get fast response from the companies will recommend the brands on other customers. The companies need to hire online customer services who can give them responses as soon as possible.

Marketing Facts 4: new customers

Getting the attention from the new customers is not easy especially if you only have a small business. The best way to get the attention is by using the social media. The research states that 76 percent of small business can attract the customers using social media such as Facebook or twitter. Find out the founder of Facebook in Mark Zuckerberg facts.

Marketing Industry

Marketing Industry

Marketing Facts 5: marketing

Social media is not only used for marketing, but also to maintain the relationship between the customers and the companies.

Marketing Facts 6: advertisement

Besides using the social media, there are many types of marketing that you can use. You can market the new products by making advertisement on the TV, radio, billboard, magazines or newspaper.

Marketing Pic

Marketing Pic

Marketing Facts 7: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another popular social site to visit.  The research find out that 43 percent of the marketers in United can get at least one new customer by marketing the products and service via LinkedIn.

Marketing Facts 8: Google+

If you look at Google+, you can find out 70 percent of products here in 2012.

Marketing Product

Marketing Product

Marketing Facts 9: content marketing

In 2014, 54 percent of B2B marketer decides to add content marketing.

Marketing Facts 10: a search engine

It seems that search engine is very important to online marketing. It is stated that 93 percent of online research begins on a search engine.



If you want to be a good marketer, don’t forget to use the online media to attract customers. Do you want to comment on facts about marketing?

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