10 Interesting Aldi Facts

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If you want to talk about one of the notable supermarket chains in the world, check Aldi Facts. The turnover of Aldi reaches €50 billion.  This global discount supermarket is spreading around 18 countries in the world with more than 10,000 stores. In 1946, Karl and Theo Albrecht established the chain by taking over the store of their mother in Essen.  The base is located in Germany. Here are other important facts about Aldi to notice:

Aldi Facts 1: two separate groups

In 1960, Aldi was separated in two groups. Both are Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord. The base for the former one is located nearby Mülheim. Essen features the base for the latter group.

Aldi Facts 2: the name

The name Aldi was introduced in 1962.  It stands for Albrecht Diskont.  Since 1966, both groups have legal and financial separation in Germany. Aldi Einkauf GmbH & Compagnie, oHG is used as the formal business name of the company.

Aldi Facts

Aldi Facts

Aldi Facts 3: the operation of Aldi Süd

The western and southern Germany feature 1,600 stores under the 32 regional companies of Aldi Süd. It also has international operation in Australia, Hungary, Great Britain, Ireland, and Slovenia.

Aldi Facts 4: the operation of Aldi Nord

The eastern, northern and western Germany is a home for 2,500 stores of Aldi Nord under its 35 individual companies. The international operation spans on Iberian Peninsula, France, Denmark, Poland and Benelux countries. Get facts about Tesco here.

Aldi Image

Aldi Image

Aldi Facts 5: the operation in United States

The operation of Aldi is also spotted in United States. The term Aldi is used by Aldi Süd in US. On the other hand, Trader Joe’s chain is employed by Aldi Nord.

Aldi Facts 6: Aldi-Äquator

Have you ever heard about Aldi-Äquator? This term is used to call the border of territories between Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd.



Aldi Facts 7: the shoppers

Aldi is popular among the shoppers.  The supermarket was the shopping place for 80 percent of the self-employed Germans, 84 percent of public servants,  88 percents of white-collar workers and 95 percent of blue-collar workers according to a survey by Forsa in December 2002. Look at facts about Walmart here.

Aldi Facts 8: the international competition

Lidl is the primary international competitor of Aldi.

Facts about Aldi

Facts about Aldi

Aldi Facts 9: the global operation

The global operation of Aldi is marked by the presence of more than 8,000 stores.

Aldi Facts 10: products

Aldi sells various products such as toilet paper, food, beverages, household items, sanitary articles and others.

Aldi Pic

Aldi Pic

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