10 Interesting Microsoft Facts

Sunday, July 27th 2014. | Business

Let me show you some explanations about one of the biggest computer industries in the world in Microsoft Facts. Even though the popularity of Microsoft is reduced due to the Mac Sales, people are still interested with Microsoft products. Here are the interesting facts about Microsoft for you:

Microsoft Facts 1: Micro-soft

At first, Microsoft was called Micro-soft by its former CEO, Bill Gates. You can trace it back by reading a letter of Bill Gates to Paul Allen in 1975. The term Micro-Soft was derived from microcomputer and software. Learn more on Bill Gates facts here.

Microsoft Facts 2: Microsoft as a company

In November 1976, Microsoft was registered as a company in New Mexico.  The founders decided to eliminate the hyphen.

Microsoft Company Store

Microsoft Company Store

Microsoft Facts 3: MITS

MITS is considered as the first major costumer for Microsoft. Gates and Allen worked together to satisfy their first customer, MITS.

Microsoft Facts 4: moving

At first, the company was located in New Mexico. But in 1986, Microsoft was moved to Redmond, Washington.

Microsoft Facts

Microsoft Facts

Microsoft Facts 5: logo

Based on the history of Microsoft, you can find different logo over the years. In 1987, Microsoft introduced the Pac-Man logo. In the past, the company used the blibbet logo.  It was derived from the name of a burger that people ate in cafeteria of the company.

Microsoft Facts 6: The Microsoft Sound

The Microsoft Sound was composed by Brian Eno. This musician is famous since he has worked with numerous leading musicians such as U2 and David Bowie. He created the start up tune of Window 95’.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Facts 7: Pizza

Pizza is the most popular food in Microsoft cafeteria. If you visit the campus, you will be offered with free drinks. Milk and OJ are other popular drinks here. The most popular food in 35 cafeterias in the company is Pizza.

Microsoft Facts 8: codename

The codename is very important when Microsoft works on a project. Some codenames that people use included Vienna, Lone Star, and Longhorn.

Microsoft Pic

Microsoft Pic

Microsoft Facts 9: employees

There are at least 88,180 people working for this computer company. You can find 76 percent male workforce in Microsoft. It is considered as one of the highest male to female ratios in US.

Microsoft Facts 10: anniversary celebration

Microsoft has its own tradition when celebrating the anniversary.   The worker of Microsoft is expected to give one pound of M&Ms during the celebration.



On June 27, 2008, Bill Gates turned up 33 pounds of M&Ms during the anniversary celebration of Microsoft. Are you fascinated with facts about Microsoft?

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