10 Interesting Virus Facts

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The presence of virus in a computer is prevalent today. It tries to infect the computer in various ways such as by reproducing and replicating itself. The word virus is used in parallel with the word malware.  In 1985, Fred Cohen coined the term computer virus.  The presence of virus in the computer is negative. It is defined by the harmful activities such as accessing the personal information, sending humorous message on the screen, displaying political quote, taking much CPU time, and consuming the hard disk space. Let us check other interesting virus facts below:

Virus Facts 1: the self-replicating feature

The major feature of virus is the self-replicating feature. The programs will replicate without the order of the user.

Virus Facts 2: Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is considered as the target system of most viruses in the world. The new hosts will be infected in various ways using the developed viruses.

Facts about virus

Facts about virus

Virus Facts 3: the antivirus software

The antivirus software is developed to fight the virus. However, the virus is developed with the stealthy strategies or anti detection system. Get facts about video games here.

Virus Facts 4: the purposes of developing virus

There are various purposes of developing viruses. One of them is to find the vulnerability of a computer program or software. Other purposes include personal amusement, gaining profit, or even sabotage.

virus image

virus image

Virus Facts 5: the economic impact

The presence of viruses, which infects computers, has a negative impact on the economy. The damage reaches billions of dollars.  The maintenance cost will be increased. The data are corrupted. The computer resources are wasted. Moreover, the system is failed to work.

Virus Facts 6: the open source antivirus

The industries, which produce the antivirus, are declined due to the presence of free antivirus tools.



Virus Facts 7: a macrovirus

The Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook are often infected by the macro viruses. These viruses are hidden in the emails or even documents.

Virus Facts 8: the macro language

The macro language is used to write the macro virus. Since it is mostly found inside the document, it is also called document virus.

Virus Facts

Virus Facts

Virus Facts 9: the boot sector

The boot sector is mainly infected by the boot sector virus. It can be transferred from the floppy disk or even flash drives.

Virus Facts 10: John von Neumann

John von Neumann took the credit as the first person who created the first computer virus.

Virus Pic

Virus Pic

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