10 Interesting Concentration Camps Facts

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Concentration Camps facts are useful for any people who really want to learn more about holocaust. In the Hitler era, such camps become the symbol of death for Jewish. So, what are the facts which you can learn actually? Just read more below.

Concentration Camps Facts 1: what is concentration camp?

Concentration camp is the place where Jewish is tortured. There, the Jewish is also forced to do work. The reason is because Adolf Hitler has personal grudge against Jewish. The camps are built to fit many Jewish people. The purpose is to make sure to kill as many Jewish as possible.

Concentration Camps Facts 2: major purposes

There are different purposes of the concentration camp. The major purpose is to collect Jewish people and put them in one place. In the year 1941, the killing of Jewish began. The killing methods are by poisoning them with gas or also using medical experiments.

Concentration Camp in Germany

Concentration Camp in Germany

Concentration Camps Facts 3: name of the camps

There were 6 death camps built by Germans in the year 1942. The name of the death camps are Belzec, Majdanek, Auschwitz, Chelmo, T.II, and also Sobibor. As the time goes by, there are more death camps available there. Firstly, the camps were used as working area for Jewish.

Concentration Camps Facts 4: Auschwitz

Auschwitz actually was the biggest concentration camp there. It was located in Poland. It was made from 3 different camps as one. During World War 2, there are approximately 1 ¼ million people killed there.



Concentration Camps Facts 5: Bergen-Belsen

There is camp named Bergen-Belsen. It was located near the villages of Bergen and Belsen. The camp was built in 1943. Anne Frank died in the camp.

Concentration Camps Facts 6: Buchenwald

The camp Buchenwald was the biggest concentration camps among others. The camp was built in 1937. The capacity of such camp was 20,000 prisoners. Although there was no gas chamber, the prisoners died because disease.

Concentration Camps of NAZI

Concentration Camps of NAZI

Concentration Camps Facts 7: first camp

The first camp built was Dachau. It was built in 1933. The purpose of this camp was to perform some medical experiments.

Concentration Camps Facts 8:  uniforms

There are common uniforms of the camp. Females may wear sack while others may use striped uniforms. This is the unique uniform actually.

Concentration Camps

Concentration Camps

Concentration Camps Facts 9: hairstyle

Women shave the heads just like men as well. The purpose is to avoid problem in working.

Concentration Camps Facts 10: hunger

Mostly camps may never provide food for prisoners. Therefore, many of prisoners died in hunger. This information is well known.

People in Concentration Camps

People in Concentration Camps

There are more facts about Concentration Camps if you can obtain good source of information. Therefore, you need to learn more about it.

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