10 Interesting the Vikings Facts

Wednesday, December 21st 2016. | History

Those who want to know more about the Nordic seafarers should check the Vikings facts. Their primary language is Old Norse language. The Vikings were prominent in the end of 8th century to 11th century when they explored the eastern, northern and central Europe from their homeland located in Northern Europe.

The Vikings Facts 1: the term the Vikings

The term Viking is also used to call the people who lived in the Viking communities. At that time, it was known as the Viking Age.

The Vikings Facts 2: the importance of Nordic military

The Viking marks the importance of Nordic military where the people covered the areas of Sicily, British Isles, Estonia, France and Scandinavia.

the vikings swords

the vikings swords

The Vikings Facts 3: the activities of the Vikings

The Vikings also conducted various activities to reach Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Mediterranean due to their impressive longship and seafaring skill.

The Vikings Facts 4: the Viking Communities

The Viking communities were established in far away region from their homeland located at the northeastern coast of North America, North Atlantic islands and European Russia.



The Vikings Facts 5: the Norse Culture

When the Vikings appeared in new region, they always brought their Norse culture, which disseminated with other cultures.

The Vikings Facts 6: the noble savages

During the 18th century, the Vikings were described as the noble savages in the romanticized picture. In the 19th century, the picture was dignified during the revival of the Vikings.

the vikings pic

the vikings pic

The Vikings Facts 7: the different point of view

The Vikings are often seen in different point of view. Some people represent the Vikings as the intrepid adventurers and violent pirates. The representation contrasted with the myth established in the beginning of twentieth century.

The Vikings Facts 8: the Viking Age

The Viking age began in 790s. It ended in 1066 when Normans conquered England. Get facts about the Tudor Monarch here.

facts about the vikings

facts about the vikings

The Vikings Facts 9: the Normans

Actually, the Normans were the descendants of the Vikings. King Harold Godwinson was one of them. He was known as the last Anglo-Saxon king of England.

The Vikings Facts 10: the Vikings and throne of England

In 1013 until 1014, the throne of England was at the hand of Sweyn Forkbeard. In 1016 until 1035,  Cnut the Great who was the son of Sweyn Forkbeard claimed it. Both were Vikings. Check facts about the Stamp Act here.

the vikings facts

the vikings facts

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