10 Interesting Venus Williams Facts

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The American professional tennis player will be elaborated on Venus Williams Facts. She was born on 17 June 1980. Her full name is Venus Ebony Starr Williams. She is often called as one of the greatest female tennis players in the world. Venus and her sister, Serena Williams are known as the notable tennis players who redefine the athleticism and power. As of 28th January 2017, Venus is ranked at No.11 of singles in the world.  The Women’s Tennis Association has placed her name at No.1 for a total of 11 weeks on three events. Let us get other interesting facts about Venus Williams below:

Venus Williams Facts 1: the World No.1

On 25 February 2002, Venus took the World No.1 tennis player. During the Open Era, Venus is considered as the first female African American who earns the title.

Venus Williams Facts 2: the record of Venus

Venus has an amazing record as a female tennis player. She earned seven Grand Slam singles. The other records of Venus are when she earned two mixed doubles titles and fourteen Grand Slam doubles titles.

Venus Williams 2011

Venus Williams 2011

Venus Williams Facts 3: the Olympics

During the Olympics Games, Venus had a silver medal in mixed doubles, three gold in women’s doubles and one gold medal in singles. Look at facts about Ted Hughes here.

Venus Williams Facts 4: Venus and Serena

Venus and Serena are sisters famous for their amazing domination in the female tennis player world. Among the active players on the WTA Tour, Venus is only behind her sister Serena. She had 49 singles titles.

Facts about Venus Williams

Facts about Venus Williams

Venus Williams Facts 5: the finals

Venus can make to the finals of all four Grand Slams. Do you know that only three players make to the finals? The other two are Maria Sharapova and Serena.

Venus Williams Facts 6: against Serena

Since 1998, Venus has the competition against her sister Serena in 27 professional tennis games. Venus has been the winner 11 times.

Venus Williams

Venus Williams

Venus Williams Facts 7: the finals

Venus and Serena competed againts each other in nine Grand Slam singles finals.  Serena became the winner seven times.

Venus Williams Facts 8: the birthplace

The birthplace of Venus was located in Lynwood, California. Her mother is Oracene Price. Her father is Richard Williams. Check facts about Usher here.

Venus Williams Pic

Venus Williams Pic

Venus Williams Facts 9: the tennis talent

The tennis talent of Venus was identified by Tony Chesta. At that time, she was only seven.

Venus Williams Facts 10: relocating to Florida

The family decided to relocate to West Palm Beach, Florida where the sisters would be educated at a tennis academy of Rick Macci. Eventually Richard decided to coach the daughters at home and left the academy in 1995.

Venus Williams Facts

Venus Williams Facts

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