10 Interesting Warwick Castle Facts

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Another medieval castle in England is explained on Warwick Castle Facts. In 1068, William the Conqueror constructed the castle. The original building was in the form of wooden motte-and-bailey castle. In 12th century, it was transformed into a stone castle. The location of Warwick Castle is Warwick, Warwickshire England. The re-fortification took place on the front part opposite the town during the Hundred Years War.

Warwick Castle Facts 1: the fortification

The re-fortification was considered as a major example of military architecture in 14th century.

Warwick Castle Facts 2: in 17th century

In the beginning of 17th century, Warwick Castle earned the status as a stronghold. In 1604, King James I granted the castle for Sir Fulke Greville.

Facts about Warwick Castle

Facts about Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle Facts 3: conversion

Warwick Castle was turned into a country house after it was owned by Greville. In 1759, the Greville family earned the status as Earls of Warwick. The Tussauds Group purchased the castle in 1978. Check facts about Stone Castle here.

Warwick Castle Facts 4: the current owner

The current owner of Warwick Castle is Merlin Entertainment after the Tussauds Group and Merlin merged in 2007.

Warwick Castle Image

Warwick Castle Image

Warwick Castle Facts 5: River Avon

River Avon is located nearby Warwick Castle. The water of the river passes the lower part of the castle at the east side. The natural defenses are served by the presence of the cliff and river. The cliff was formed due to the eroded rock caused by the flow of the river.

Warwick Castle Facts 6: the visitors

Since the late 17th century, Warwick Castle had been visited by people. In 19th century, the castle earned an important status as a place to visit.

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle Facts 7: the armory

Warwick Castle contains a collection of armory.  The tourists like to scrutinize the display collection.

Warwick Castle Facts 8: the Tussauds Group

The Tussauds Group purchases the castle with the price of £1.3 million. It was opened for visitors as a tourist attraction. The castle and ground were extensively restored by the company. Get facts about Caernarfon Castle here.

Warwick Castle Pic

Warwick Castle Pic

Warwick Castle Facts 9: Top 10 historic houses and monuments

The British Tourist Authority put Warwick Castle in the list of Top 10 historic houses and monuments in 2001 along with Edinburgh Castle, Stonehenge and Tower of London.

Warwick Castle Facts 10: Merlin Entertainments

Merlin Entertainments bought Tussauds Group in May 2007 and owned Warwick Castle on 17th July 2007. Nick Leslau’s Prestbury Group earned the freehold of Warwick Castle after Merlin decided to lease it.

Warwick Castle Facts

Warwick Castle Facts

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